Wednesday, June 21, 2017

International Yoga Day! Namaste.
In honor of International Yoga Day... we bring you, Namaste Collection!

Breathe in, breathe out and find your center while sewing a yoga mat or a peaceful wall hanging.
**Helpful hint- back your mat with non-slip drawer liner so the mat won't slip around.
The yoga mat and the wall hanging/floor Mat below were designed by the Whimsical Workshop and are available to download on our website.
 Do you need a bag to carry around your yoga mat and accessories?
 The Motherload Tote by Cozy Nest Designs is the prefect yoga bag!

We also have Namaste available on Minky! It's so soft and cuddly... perfect for a calming eye mask, a yoga pillow or a blanket...
Happy first day of Summer and International Yoga Day!

Keep Calm and Yoga On!

Friday, June 16, 2017

MMF & MQG Fabric Challenge!

We are SO EXCITED about the challenge for QuiltCon 2018 in Pasadena! We're featuring Our Yard by Sarah Campbell.
Each participant will receive fabric in the cloud colorway, a few prints from the line, plus a coordinating Cotton Couture solid. Entrants can use either colorway. Like previous fabric challenges, we have many more members than available fabric. We wish everyone could get one, but the bundles are first come, first serve for MQG members. That said, everyone who signs up for the challenge should submit their final quilt to the Fabric Challenge category at QuiltCon - like other categories, this category is eligible for judging and awards up to $1,000.
*Quilts can be any size that you'd like! 
For more challenge info, please click here
*You must be a member of the MQG to enter a quilt into the challenge.
If you'd like to join the Modern Quilt Guild, click here.

Participants must use at least two fabrics from the Our Yard collection. However, participants may use as many Our Yard fabrics and Cotton Couture solids as desired. Binding and backing can be any Michael Miller fabric. Once completed, these quilts will be entered into the Michael Miller Fabric Challenge category at QuiltCon. The top prize for this category is $1,000!

Eligible quilts must use a minimum of two fabrics from the Our Yard collection and any number of Cotton Couture solids. additional Michael Miller prints or solids may be used on the backing and binding. All fabric will be shipped by mid-July. Quilt entries will be open July 31 to November 30, 2017 (the same as other QuiltCon quilt show entries). Quilts can be submitted via the form at quiltconentry.

A list of shops carrying Our Yard will be posted HERE soon. 

 Each bundle (of fat 1/8's) contains the following sku's
*Signups for MQG members will happen June 17-24 

Cotton Couture coordinates for Our Yard 
Cloud Colorway

 Midnight Colorway 

Friday, June 9, 2017

Quilt Market Recap Part 1 :: Making It Fun!

Quilt Market ~ St. Louis 2017
 We had a fantastic time in St. louis... the food was great, the weather was nice and Quilt Market was super fun!
This year, our booth was bright and cheery- we featured paper doll quilts and their fuzzy & furry friends.
We had an interactive area where you could change Stella's outfits...
 The paper doll pattern above will be available to download on our website at the end of the month!
Each paper doll had a wardrobe featuring a new fabric collection.

Lulu & Frolic
 Frolic designed by Tamara Kate is shipping to stores in June
We collaborated with Wendi Gratz of Shiny Happy World to create the perfect (or purrr-fect) pets for our paper dolls... 

Stella & How Does Your Garden Grow? 
 How Does Your Garden Grow starts shipping to stores in June
 Henry & Rainbow Kids
 Rainbow Kids starts shipping to stores in August
Girlfriends Quilt by Marinda Stewart


Iris & Our Yard 
(Our Yard by Sarah Campbell)
Our Yard is shipping to stores in July
Aren't the pet blocks adorable? We love them! Head over to Shiny Happy World to learn more :)

That's it for part 1 of our QM recap... stay tuned for Part 2!


Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Nathalie of Seams Normal & Flowertopia!

Hi there! My name is Nathalie and today I have the honor to write a guest post about the Flowertopia collection that will start shipping to stores on May 15th. Hopefully you will enjoy reading what I have created with it and if you want to see more of what keeps me busy feel free to visit my blog Seams Normal.

A couple of weeks ago I participated in a Fabric Fri-yaay, a fabric giveaway organized by MMF and SewingPortfolios. Not familiar with SewingPortfolios yet, but interested in making your own sewing portfolio and collaborate with sewing businesses? Check out their website and find out all the advantages of becoming a member of this great community. But back to the Fabric Fri-yaay where, as you can expect, I turned out to be the winner of the complete Flowertopia collection. I am living in Belgium, so I had to be a bit patient. But when the box arrived I felt like a little child in a candy store.

The Flowertopia collection comes with 13 designs that are full of bright, vibrant colors. They scream for summer, so I felt the urge to make some summer outfits with them. In particular the dark blue Ring of Flowers fabric got my attention. I used it for some selfish sewing and made a skirt for myself. I used the Lotta skirt pattern from Compagnie M., one of the many talented designers that Belgium has. Making a proper garment for an adult starting with ‘only’ 1 yard of fabric was a bit tricky. But with the solid waist band and a less gathered back piece, I just made it. And I’m so thrilled with the outcome. The fit is just great and the fabric feels comfortable and soft.

I couldn’t resist to make an outfit for my oldest daughter as well. Flowertopia is exactly what you need for children’s clothing. The bright colors are so joyful, just as they are. So I asked my daughter which fabric she liked the most and picked the bright green Paisley Blossoms. As I did for my skirt I again went for a Belgian pattern. It’s the Tinny dress from Straight Grain. I have used it often before and none of the dresses I made look similar, because the pattern is incredibly versatile. First time though I made a circle skirt and she just couldn’t stop twirling. It’s so rewarding when you see your child’s happiness.

I enjoyed writing this post for all of you and hope you had fun reading it. And who knows one day we will meet again.


Wednesday, March 8, 2017

QuiltCon: Michael Miller Luxe Challenge!

Every year we sponsor a QuiltCon challenge... this year, it was all about our silky, soft Luxe!

The entries were so amazing! You are all so talented :)
Here are the winners of the challenge and all of the Luxe quilts that were displayed at QuiltCon East!

1st Place
Luxe Modern by Susan Clay
59" x 62"

2nd Place
Look Deep, Deep Into My Eyes by Kari Anderson
62" x 58"

3rd Place
80" x 80"

Radiating Star by Jennifer Rodriguez
47" x 53"

Pyramids in Blue by Amanda Mourenza
16.38" x 16"

 Mini Luxe by Heather Black
19" x 22"

Luxe Mosaic by Michelle Lieberson
25.75" x 24"

Topography by Audrey Nishi
25" x 23"

Sunset on a Wavy Ocean by Lindsey Kiesz
24" x 24"

Pinball by Betsy Vinegrad
47" x 62"

Pentagon Toss Up by Karen Winther
54" x 62"

 Luxe Rebellion by Jen Sorenson
35" x 48"

Homage to Gwen and Jacquie by Sarah McKee
24" x 26"

 Diamond DeLuxe by Tiffany Baxter
51" x 62"

Birds on a Wire by Wendy Richards
26" x 31"

Lime Light, Star Bright by Mel Beach
31" x 31"

Windblown Kisses by AnnMarie Cowley
32" x 36.5"

Lime 'n Luxe by Linda Hungerford
35" x 35"

Sedimentary by Louise Phelps
32" x 32"

Also, check out these one-of-a-kind ribbons that Nicole (of Modern Handcraft) made! She made ALL of the prize ribbons for QuiltCon using Cotton Couture and our Luxe!

I also spotted Luxe in another category... Youth Quilts!
 Big Blue Whale by Caitlyn Baxter 
(2nd place winner!)
47" x 53"
Here's what Caitlyn had to say about her quilt-
"The Michael Miller Luxe fabric made me think of water, and water made me think of ocean animals. The first ocean animal that came to me was a whale because I like whales. We thought of the diamond shapes for the spout because the fabric has diamonds on it. I stitched all of it, and my mom helped me cut and pin the pieces. Mommy helped me quilt it, and she also helped me with the binding. I used Luxe Tumble Blocks, Fog, Luna, Midnight, and Magic Folk. The whale is from the Preppy Pod pattern by Elizabeth Hartman."  
QuiltCon East was so inspiring. We had an amazing time meeting all of you and seeing so much incredible talent