Sunday, April 8, 2012

Potty Talk

I just returned from a trip to Asia
this is the kind of picture you'd expect to see:
not this, right?
I'm sure a therapist would have concerns about me-
but I'm fascinated with  modern Japanese toilets.
Specifically the TOTO brand
The one above had English labels (unfortunately it was at the end of the trip).
There's a lot of detailed instruction to read, 
luckily some of it's illustrated.
The problem:
In public bathrooms with multiple stalls, polite Japanese women were discretely flushing while taking care of business if other stalls were occupied.
 Big waste of water:  
Thus this solution:
the etiquette button
A hand activated motion sensor plays a recorded water flushing sound.
note: instructions also in braille.
I'm told this does not exist in the men's bathrooms.
My hotel room control panel:
heated seat, exhaust, air freshener
yes I pushed all the buttons

And if you're shopping in Japan with children
you're in luck
Is this genius or what?
a flip down kid seat
of course a kid holder and changing table 
with instructions 
of course
 But if after all this you still prefer the old way,
it's still available.