Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Quilts with a Punch

Subtle: no
graphic : yes
in your face: yes
packs a punch?
you betcha!
perfect for kid's rooms
We liked those so much we couldn't resist this
 Kiss Me Quilt 
just released prints: Kiss me and Zap
all quilts designed by Marinda Stewart

Monday, March 12, 2012

AM Northwest Design Challenge

As a designer 
I feel that getting out and meeting people
 that share my passion 
for fabric, color and design, 
seeing it  through their eyes, 
expressed in their unique way 
is enriching and creatively invigorating. 
My visit to Portland, Oregon was exactly that.

I was a guest judge for the AM Northwest Design Challenge 
Four finalists from the Art Institute of Portland took part in the 5 week contest. 
They were assigned a new challenge each week
 with a budget and fabric company to select from at Fabric Depot.

 Week 4 assignment:
create a cocktail dress 
using Michael Miller fabrics and a Vogue pattern. 
Cocktail dress - Michael Miller? 
Not what usually comes to mind for our fabric, 
but then again - why not? 
to view the show and winner click here

fyi the winner used Vintage vogue pattern V1084
and fabric  CM822 gold tiles

 on set with the judges
click on their pictures here for their impressive profiles.
I got to meet Patti Palmer (in pink on left) 
and drop in on her custom jeans sewing class (very impressive).
 It's now on my wanna-find-time-to-do list.
backstage before the show

That's me the rookie in turquoise trying to read fast
 and catch up with the other judges 
(they'd all been doing this for 3 weeks!)
Backstage after the show, 
recapping with the designers.
relaxed and relieved.
 All smiles.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cream puff color story

for source credits please visit us on pinterest
 to my personal favorite color story:
Cream, Ivory and White can be 
Spring and Summer or 
comfort on a cold winter day

I find after working with color all day
 this pallet clears my head as it calms and  rejuvenates.
My bedroom's my sanctuary and 
sets the mood for  peaceful dreams.
Click here for feng shui tips  and tips from Dr. OZ  
for a good night's sleep.
by designer Phoebe Howard
for more visit the enchanted home

I've been collecting white linens for years. Some treasured family handwork, some picked up at yard sales and thrift stores.  I love the history and  tactile variety.  Mix and match, easy cleaning with a little bleach or lemon juice.
 To totally transport you to a dreamy state of mind;
check out the Chanel 2011/12  Paris-Bombay themed fashion show!

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Designer spotlight Sunday: Mark Hordyszynski

So now it's my turn to be the guest blogger on
The Michael Miller Fabrics' Making It Fun blog!

I suppose the question that I am asked the most is,
"Where do you get your ideas from?"

Sometimes things come to me as specific requests
from Kathy Miller, Design Director of Michael Miller Fabrics, who is always out there interfacing with people to learn what's needed in the market; from the sales reps who converse with their accounts to understand what is needed for their customers; from friends, family and colleagues; and from people like you!

But most of the times, it is what I am inspired to do - how I perceive and process the world around me. Sometimes it is a literal translation of a photograph or image; sometimes it's just something whacky that I come up with; and occasionally it is something that I think I see and yet it isn't what I had thought it to be - and that's great because then I have come up with a completely original idea!

And last but certainly not least is HUMOR. I try when it is appropriate, to infuse my designs with humor, laughter, comedic irony and tongue-in-cheek juxtaposition. It makes my heart sing when someone looks at my fabric and falls in love with it because it is just… so… darn… cute… and it makes them laugh! Who doesn't like to laugh?

APOTHESCARY is an example of a specific request for prints that are needed in the market: for little boys…

 A few of the sales reps posed they needed 
flamingos and palm trees  (see below)…

When I asked fellow Michael Miller Fabrics licensee, Patty Young,
 what her girls were recently into, she replied, "Dolphins!"

Having moved to Maui 3 years ago, I am inspired by all the lush tropical surroundings and by the highly saturated colors that seem to jump out at me in the warm Hawai'ian sunshine. Thus we have…
and the new
Something that is just whacky: What would Mark do 
for a cat print that hasn't already been done?
The iconic GONE CATTIN' was the answer!
And misperceiving something was what resulted in 
I was walking down the street in Pa'ia town and 
saw a man wearing a pair of camo boardshorts. 
From the distance I was following behind, 
I could have sworn some of the shapes of the camo were actually shark silhouettes. 
So I hastened my pace to get closer and saw! 
Wow! It's just a pair of camo shorts… 
no sharks there 
(and then I knew I had come up with an original idea which I could embrace without being influenced by an already existing idea).
(coming in July)  
WHEW! Did I write this much? I bet you're sorry you asked what makes me tick, LOL!
If you have any ideas, please let me know - hey you never know - 
I just might be able to work your idea into a design for a new group I'm creating…

Mahalo! Mark