Saturday, May 30, 2009

Laura Gunn debut at Quilt Market

It took a year and a half to bring Laura's paintings to life on fabric and boy was it worth it!
We're thrilled with the results and the response !
Her booth was chalk full of artful Lantern Bloom goodies
a good luck doll from her Mom, Elinor Peace Bailey
Here we are at school house showing the paintings that started it all
Laura sharing the quilt designed by Marinda Stewart
for the free down loadable pattern click here

Laura's adorable patterns
a great line - in the bag!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Quilt mkt Pittsburgh 09

I'm back from market and scrounging around for pictures- I swear next market will be different- I'll come prepared with a fully charged camera and stop what I'm doing long enough to take some pictures!! I PROMISE!
Thankfully, I work with great people who came through once again!

All Smiles
2nd place award for multiple booth category! L to R: Sandi Henderson,Christine Osmers, me, Paula Prass, Michael Steiner, Patty Young, Deb Buchanan, bk row: Becky Bennett, Susan Day, Jennifer Storey, Debi Porreca, Ben Rubin.

that's the icing on the cake

now for the behind the scenes view of market- start to finish

A birds eye view of our booth (the Aqua row 2nd from the bottom) note the sunlight streaming in! Pittsburgh is my all time favorite convention center! Natural light- a huge plus at a show!

believe it or not - this stage has taken hours
it takes a village to raise a booth
somehow this will all come together

order through the chaos
(note quilt pile-up- these are hard working show pieces, too many to hang, pawed through over & over)
and then it's over
what goes up- must come down- dismantling of the hidden kitchen
(yes, a well fed crew is...a well fed crew)
hard to believe this part goes quicker than set up
reverse construction

we all place bets predicting the finish time - imagine the antics- by this time we're all punchy
sorry- too exhausted for the empty booth photo
next post - show pics!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pittsburgh Quilt Market

quilt by "Swirly Girls"

It's that time again, when we're all going a little crazy getting ready for Spring Quilt Market. A lot of exciting stuff to share with you!
For those of you going to market, make sure to come to our 2 School House sessions: the first one by Swirly Girls Design featuring our fabrics and the second one (immediately following the 1st, same room) where I'll give my trend & color report for the season along with preview trunk shows by Paula Prass, Patty Young, Laura Gunn and Pillow and Maxfield and of course Michael Miller!
When I return expect Lots of pictures!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Kitty Litter

For all you cat lovers out there, which by the way, have you ever noticed there's some kind of weird connection between quilters and cats? I mean since we started MMF it seems there's 2 print categories that quilters and fabric lovers can never get enough of: cat prints and boys' prints!
this leads me to our latest batch of vintage kitty prints- adorable if I do say so myself -