Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Adult bean bag chair

I'm back from my Asia trip and thrilled to share our
  we've gotten tons of requests following the most popular tut ever: 

 adding to all this fun they're made up in Laura Gunn's Poppy Collection
here's Laura and her kiddos
 Great pics by Trenna Travis Design Studio
 looks like the 3 bears scenario in bean bags instead of beds
love it!!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Osaka shopping part 2

The Handmade Indie Movement is alive and thriving in Osaka's Horie neighborhood.
Above and below at Swap Meet Market
 My little wandering gnome companion had a grand time at Prickle below

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girl time in Osaka

Wandering around Osaka-

eating- walking
  shopping- walking
it's my favorite thing to do here

Japan's a great place for trend research.
  They love to shop and have a great eye for fashion, quality and detail-
but seriously,  I don't know how they do it in these shoes

call this New Vintage
feminine touches
lots of lace, small floral prints, sheers

this purse was in EVERY STORE

metallic, sequins, shimmer, sheen  everywhere!

At the moment, the main thread I see connecting all of us is a shiny metallic one finding it's way into all  our closets! Maybe it's a way of bringing a little sparkle and shine into our lackluster global economy.