Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Creative Connection

Every once in awhile it's good to get away.  Listen more, learn more, get outside your normal realm.  And sometimes it's good to go when YOU REALLY DON'T HAVE TIME.  With  Quilt Market around the corner it wasn't a convenient time to attend The Creative Connection Event  but it was the RIGHT time.  Event co-founders Jo Packham of Where Women Create magazine and Nancy Soriano former editor and chief of Country Living magazine pulled off an outstanding debut event.  There were hands-on craft classes, panel discussions galore: editorial panels, blogging panels, women entreprenuer panels, fabulous breakfast, lunch, cocktail and dinner events with inspiring keynote speakers.  Whew! and if that wasn't enough there was The Handmade Market and the Junk Bonanza!
 Me and Ree
Ree Drummond AKA The Pioneer Woman
This is after I went up to her and blabbered on about our common bond, Oklahoma and how I'd told my daughter about her website and how perfect it was for her- laptop on the kitchen counter kinda thing - yada-yada gush-gush. As I was walking away The New Yorker magazine writer that was there doing a story on her stopped me to repeat what I'd said - at which time I stopped mid sentence and requested she snap this picture since I'd forgotten in the midst of my  star struckness.
Organic farmer extaordinaire; MaryJane shared her amazing story
as well as the "breaking news" of her upcoming license line for Michael Miller fabrics!

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