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A Special Partnered Blog Post with Debby Kratovil

Join Debby Kratovil from Debby Kratovil Quilts as she experiments with Minky for the very first time to make pillowcases, a blanky and book pillow.

Debby has over 35 years of experience in quilting, published 3 quilting books, designed and made over 200 quilts and patterns plus 17 years of experience as a teacher!  However, she has never sewn with minky and we put her up for the challenge! She also took on the task to work with Fairy Frost cotton and Christmas themed Minky together to create pillowcases and doll blankets. Let’s see how she did and learn a few tips she discovered along the way.


Materials used: 
Michael Miller Fabrics: Gnome To Fa La and Beary Soft Minky, Fairy Frost and Gingham Play Cotton! 
-Sewing Machine
-Size 90/14 sewing machine needles
- 6” x 24” ruler 
-Access to a washing machine 

How to make these three pillowcases with Fairy Frost and Christmas Gnome To Fa La Minky: 

For best results, use a walking foot. If you don’t have one stitch slowly to avoid “drag” on the top layer as you sew. 

Step 1: Wash Fairy Frost separately from Minky. It may shrink and Minky will not. 
Step 2: Cut the Minky pillowcase body at 27" x 42". Minky is 54" wide so you can cut your design to be horizontal or vertical on the pillowcase. 

Step 3: Cut the hem (light blue Fairy Frost) to 9" x 42" and cut the contrasting flange (dark blue Fairy Frost) to measure 3" x 42".
Step 4: Fold 3” x 42” flange fabric in half, wrong sides together. Layer pieces as shown:
  • 9" hem - open and right side up.
  • Minky - right side up (42" wide side aligns with the hem fabric)
  • Folded flange fabric, on top of the Minky. Pin well.
Step 5: Roll the main fabric and enclose in the 9” hem piece, as shown in photo. Pin will along the wide, raw edges.

Step 6: Use a ½” seam to stitch through all layers along the 42” side.

Step 7: Once stitched, pull the main part of the pillowcase out through the unstitched end. 

Step 8: Create a French Seam: Fold the stitched fabric in half WRONG sides together, aligning the hem pieces to each other and pin well.  

Step 9: Using a ¼” seam, stitch along the side and bottom edges. This raw edge will be encased in another seam on the inside. 

Step 10: Turn the pillowcase so RIGHT sides are together. Use a ½” seam to stitch along the bottom and side edges to encase the previous seam. Optional: serge or zig zag the bottom for extra reinforcement.

How to make 15” x 15” pillowcases with book pockets using Beary Soft:

The single layer pocket is made with the minky and Gingham Play to bind the raw edges at the top. 

Step 1: Cut into Beary soft. Beary soft is thicker than printed minky and fluffier than our minky prints therefore it will have more fuzz. Use the vacuum cleaner attachment and the ruler to keep the fabric from being sucked into the attachment. Edges should be clean and no more fuzz.
Step 2: Debby made this pillow project to fit her pillow form. Make sure to adjust the sizing to your liking or pillow form. The gingham play should be about half the height of the pillow front.

Step 3: (optional) It is possible to use a zipper to close things up but it is based on your preference
Step 4: (alternative to step 3) Sew the 3 sides, slip the pillow form inside and hand stitch it closed.

How to make blankets using Beary Soft and printed Minky:

Step 1: Cut 1 piece of Beary Soft and 1 of Gnome to Fa La Minky separately to be the same size to your desired length and sew them together. 

Step 2: turn right side out and Machine stitch it closed. Finished! 
On behalf of Michael Miller Fabrics, thank you Debby for these great Minky tips!! 

Recommendations and discoveries during Debby’s Minky journey:  
  1. It FLUFFS when cut! While Michael Miller’s low-pile printed Minky doesn’t shed like other, fluffier fabrics, it does leave fluff on your cutting mat.
Tip: In order to minimize the fluff/fuzz, Vacuum Cleaner attachment to the rescue. Use a       
ruler (6” x 24”) ruler to hold the edge of fabric down and then do a gentle swipe with the       

A walking foot is a MUST! This fabric has a stretch in one direction and you want to keep those layers together without distortion. 

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Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Join The Patch Party Block of The Month!

Designed by Leila Gardunia

    You know it's always a party here at Michael Miller and that's why we are so excited to bring to you the Patch Party block of the month. This stunning new quilt, designed by Leila Gardunia, features shimmering Fairy Frost and super-soft Cotton Couture. Stores will love Leila's clever use of fabric placement which allows us to ship the fabric for this quilt to you in two shipments - one to get started and another in 6 months to complete the project. Contact your rep to get the party started at your shop today! If you want to sew along with us, the pattern is available for purchase here:

Patch Party is made with a happy mix of Cotton Couture Solids and tone on tone Fairy Frost prints. It is fat quarter and fat eighth friendly.

Show us your progress by posting pictures on social media and tagging us @michaelmillerfabrics #michaelmillerfabrics #makingitfun

Our very own Maker of Fun, Rob Appel, will post a new block video tutorial on YouTube the first Wednesday of every month in 2021. Rob will guide you through each block step by step.


Thursday, January 28, 2021

Brand Ambassador Intro - Lindsay Chieco

We are very excited to introduce you to our last 2021 Brand Ambassador Lindsay Chieco. Her fresh take on quilting and bold color choices are inspiring. We are grateful to have her as part of the Michael Miller Family and can't wait for you to see all of her beautiful creations. Read more about her below!

Instagram: @linzentart 

My name is Lindsay Chieco. I'm a 37 year old stay at home mother of 3, and also a military spouse. My husband is Active Duty in the Navy. I got into crafting right after we first got married. We moved to Italy a year after we married and I learned to crochet from a friend's mom so I would have something to do on the long plane ride. I loved it and through the years I taught myself (with the help of YouTube videos) to knit and then how to hand embroider.  I loved having a creative outlet. It was much needed for me with 3 little kids at home! One Mother's Day I told my husband I really wanted a sewing machine. I had always wanted to learn to sew. My grandmother was an avid sewer, and I always wished I had learned from her when she was still alive. Once I got my first sewing machine it was all trial and error! I taught myself to use it, my first projects were capes for my older 2 kids. I loved sewing and quickly realized I had a growing addiction to fabric! Sarah Jane Studios’ Wee Wander line had just come out and that is still a favorite of mine today. I started off slow, eventually learning to quilt and foundation paper piece. I love how precise paper piecing projects are. I was completely intimidated by it at first, but once I learned I was hooked! I started making some paper piecing patterns of my own and sell them in my etsy shop.

I soon discovered Instagram and the amazing sewing community within it. I was brave enough to post some of my makes, and started joining sew-alongs and swaps. It felt wonderful to be able to share the things I've made and be encouraged by others who share the same interests.  Being a military spouse and moving every 3 years sometimes makes it difficult to find people around me who share my love of sewing.  I've made some amazing friends along the way from all over the world (shoutout to my Instagram bestie @sew_nat in Australia!), and even had the opportunity to become a Michael Miller Brand Ambassador through it as well. 

My sewing space is a small office in our house. It is full of makes from friends and myself.  My favorite thing in my sewing room is my wall of hoopart. I love embroidery, so a lot of the hoops are from me mixed with some from my Instagram friends. It is right above my sewing table. Looking at it gives me inspiration everyday. As you can see, my sewing room is a little cluttered and cramped, but it is my absolute favorite space!  Having a full house I will take any space I can get!


Some of my favorite makes include some embroidery, pillow covers, and quilts. I usually like more instant gratification projects. I love making quilts, but sometimes I need a quick make. I love making pouches and quilted pillow covers in those cases.  I love fussy cutting in my sewing and using all kinds of fabric for one quilt block. I love the organized chaos of scrappy sewing. Somehow it all works together to make something beautiful.  I love all kinds of sewing, so using as much of it as I can in one project is really appealing to me.  I love how interesting it looks when finished. I am excited to embark on this journey with Michael Miller fabrics!   

Feel free to follow my sewing journey on Instagram at and check out my etsy shop at

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Brand Ambassador Intro - Suze Vinton

We are beyond thrilled to share our next 2021 Brand Ambassador Suze Vinton. Her creativity shines in her beautiful designs. She is an amazing, passionate maker specializing in dresses, clothing and crafts. Read more about her below!

My name is Suze Vinton and crafting is life for me!

Little girls who grow up in Haiti learn how to sew, but it’s not fun sewing. Hemming pants and stitching tears is practical, but I definitely didn’t see it as my calling. Can you blame me?? 

So, I moved on with life and got a degree in pre-med in the United States. Some crazy American guy asked me to marry him and move to a frozen wasteland called ‘Utah’. How different could it be from Haiti or Miami, FL? Well, very different...cold...snowy...icy...and cold. But I made new friends who loved to create! It started with scrapbooking, moved to hair bows, then sewing dresses, then sewing more dresses, and finally sewing dresses. Okay, I’m kidding. I love to create anything that involves fabric. Dresses (did I mention that one?), shirts, pants, doll clothes, home decorations, etc. I love the beauty and expression from sewing. That has followed me through life since that time. 

I am currently in Tucson, AZ with another group of beautiful, creative friends. We have ventured heavily into crafts like tumblers, embroidery, team t-shirts (gymnastics community), medal holders, wreaths, and general home d├ęcor and also found a love for quilting. It is new adventure, and I’m loving it. 

My family also benefits from my creations. I have two sons and two daughters who have all been forced to model my creations. Not my husband yet though...hmm...I’ll get him eventually! Creating, and being inspired to create, bring warmth and excitement to my life. Please join me on this journey!

Here a few of my favorite makes and you can check and for more. 

Here is my creative space and I actually build the cutting table last Spring and added my kids finger sprints to it. 
                                                                         Top of the table. 

Be Sure to follow her with the links below to see all the Michael Miller fun she'll be sharing!