Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lagoon Color Story Giveaway


Mercedes F. 
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Now for today's color story:
This has been one of the most popular color stories ever.  It used to be known as "the money color " in  New York's  garment center/ dress business.  Whatever the latest color trends were, this winner would always be added to the lineup because it always sells. 

The whole range of blues, teals, emerald and turquoise with touches of lime.  The depth and intensity of the colors may change from year to year but it's attraction stays constant.  I think it's our  connection to nature that draws us to it.  The blues of the sky, the turquoise of water and the green shades of nature.
  Is this your go-to color story?  Does it resonate with you?
leave a comment, let me know and you could win a yard of each of the Lagoon color story prints pictured above.  
The random winner will be announced next wednesday.

And I'd like to say to all you east coast folks 
dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Irene;
this week's water theme color story is purely coincidental.
Here's to calmer times and the soothing effects of
natures' favorite 
blue and green palette. 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Orchid Gray

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Now for today's color story:
To sum it up in one word: 
 sophisticated femininity, elegant, sweet but not saccharin.
or try
as in our newest print
cx4502 Road to Marrakesh
color gray
as in this gorgeous
by Marinda Stewart
Overall the importance of gray and all it's variations as a neutral base
to go with ALL COLORS
has been seeping into our consciousness for the past few years.
That along with the evolution of "orchid" as a sophisticated purple/pink
makes this a 
and speaking of winners;
Leave a comment and share your thoughts if this color story "is you"
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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Retro color story and giveaway

and the winner for last weeks' 
Rouge et Noir giveaway
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Now for today's color story:
This color story is 
you remember, we've all got'em;
that outfit you adored
  that apron grandma wore
that TV show
that toy, that bike, that car
We stash those colors in our memory like boxes in the attic.

That's why we did this group of happy Super Heroes,
by our own Super Hero:
the colors and characters bring out the kid in all of us.

What's your happy retro color memory?
leave a comment and you'll be entered to win a yard of all the super hero prints pictured above.
one random winner will be announced next Wednesday!
Happy trails to you!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rouget et Noir color story and giveaway

The winner for last week's
color story giveaway is..... 
Sleepless Stitch
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Now for today's color story:
Rouge et noir (french translation; Red and Black) not to be confused with the heavenly

We're talking about combining 
two color combinations
with the most graphic appeal on the planet.

Red & White
Black & White

then combine it all with a few French accents
and it's instant
  if you love these too
leave a comment and let me know.
A random winner will be chosen and announced next Wed. 
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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It's A Boy Thing

It's ladies first
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Now for today's color story:
The number one complaint I get is :
"There's not enough "boy" prints out there!"
No matter how many we do, it's never enough!
What they're really talking about is a very specific color range.  
Here's the no-nos in that palette:
pink, magenta, lavender - anything that suggests "girl"
when it comes down to what to make in whatever pallet for the 
"little guy in your life"
we've got 
Sarah Jane's sweet and sophisticated boy's groups from her collection:
Children at Play
After School
Over the fence

  Emily Herrick's primary colors with accents of gray and orange
Going Coastal 

  for a modern twist on 
"blue for boys" 
we tried Aqua and gray.
With Aqua's soothing universal appeal and the softness of gray 
it's a winner
 and speaking of winners
it's that time again
leave your comment and share your thoughts.
A random winner will be announced next wed. 
receive 1 yd of each of the "it's a boy" prints shown above.

Next Wed. will be Rouge et Noir!