Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Wishing you Joy in the New Year

Here we are, the Michael Miller gang all together for some holiday fun and games; scavenger hunt and a race to the restaurant , followed by the "Jeopardy" version of "How well do you know your co-worker?"Afterwards I decided to do a little night shopping and came upon this behind the NY Public Library in Bryant Park.............
beautiful tree, eh?
.....take a closer look....

a zillion donuts...hee...hee... heeee!
all set up to promote "The Simpson Movie" coming out on DVD
the whole family turned out
complete with a skating rink in Bryant Park.....yep.....you never know what you'll stumble upon in NYC

Shanghai - New York - home!

I'm back home in California now. I've been living out of a suitcase since Quilt Market, the end of Oct. Don't get me wrong I love the travel and it's all been invaluable. But as we all know; "there's no place like home". Sorting through and catching up after the holidays. I'll be bringing you all up to date albeit belatedly .

Here's some pics of my time in Shanghai.......amazing city...........
shopping in "Old Town"
Had a foot massage (heavenly) and an"ear massage" (wonderful). While I was on the massage table for the ear massage an ear candle was shown to me and the next thing I knew there I was lying on my side with a lit candle in my ear! Had to Google it later to find out what that was about! No harm done, but I don't think I 'll be doing that again!
Ducks on a rack
Barbecued duck feet