Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It's A Girl Thing color story giveaway

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color story giveaway
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Now for today's color story:

Here at Michael Miller we try our best to please you all.  
( that's not just schmoozing, I really do mean it)  
That means listening to what you ask for and what you buy

The majority of you have made it very clear: 
When it comes to the colors you want for your children,
It's Pink for girls, Blue for boys.
This is soooo traditional it's embarrassing.  
But combining ballet pink with coral and gray puts a bit of a twist (and somewhat retro) on this 
traditional girly-girl favorite. 

Don't get me wrong - 
I'm not saying we need or want to pigeon-hole our kids into certain color traditions.  
I'm also not so sure that so many little girls would be drawn to all things pink, lavender and girlie 
if they weren't bombarded by endless aisles of pink and lavender in the "girl" toy aisles and the media. 
What they need is OPTIONS and this is only one of MANY.

so now it's time to share your thoughts.
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Next wed. will be all about BOYS!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Aqua/ Red Color Story giveaway

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Now for today's color story:

If I had to choose 
one word
to describe the pairing of 
Aqua and Red 
it would be:
(maybe that's why I love seeing polka dots in these groupings.  Nothing says happy like polka dots.)

lighthearted, fun loving, modern, retro, hip. 
Graphically eye catching 
(used on many magazine covers, a Martha Stewart "go to combination")
once you start noticing it;
you'll see it EVERYWHERE.
Here's what I had within arms reach in 2 minutes here in the studio

now it's your turn.  
I'd love to know if you've used these colors 
to celebrate a happy occasion 
  to make something
and made someone 
we'll be announcing a random winner next Wed.
along with a new Color Story 

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Citron/ Gray color story giveaway

Megan N
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 Now onto today's color story:
The color citron (and all it's variations) is a great example of how color trends evolve. 
Color trends usually start on the fringes.  That's why I like to say, "pay attention to what you don't like". Your negative reaction may stem from the fact that it's "new" and your eye hasn't become adjusted to it.  For example this ad was from around 2006.   When I've shown this the reaction is usually negative.  Comments like, "I could never wear that color  next to my skin".  But it's amazing how the more we see a color over time, the more we start to accept it and before you know it we're buying it.  Probably not in this super saturated undiluted Dior couture creation but it'll start sifting into the mix of everything you buy from your clothes right down the line to the plastic storage bins you stash them in for the next season.

just for fun check out this scene from the movie:
So once again I've shared my thoughts, now share yours. 
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 prints pictured above
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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sorbet Color Story

As promised, I'll be sharing a new color story 
every Wednesday
along with the thought process behind it.
Let's get started with one of my personal favorites Sorbet.  
It's feminine and flattering to many (especially blondes). 
Since I mentioned Blondes I'm going to share something with you:
Before starting Michael Miller one of my many jobs was working as a "customer stylist" for different fabric companies.  When a manufacturing company (apparel, handbags, uniforms; medical scrubs, home accessories, etc etc) needed custom designed fabric I'd come up with the print and color combinations to their liking.  It was a terrific  education.  
I developed a little game with myself;
  Most of the clothing designers I worked with were women and seemed to have predictable color preferences based on;   

hair color

skin color

the state she lived in

Keep in mind I wanted to present artwork that got approved.  
People pleasing 101.  Give'm what they want.
Obviously I wasn't always right, like I said it was a game I played in my head.
This is a girly girl color story. It's one of those trends that cycles in and out of fashion but never really goes away.  
Loved by blondes/ some redheads/light brunettes/a sunshine state fav.
(the lighter the color the lighter the hair)
(the more intense the color the darker the hair)
So there you go, I've shared some of my thoughts, 
now share yours.  
If  "Sorbet" is "YOU" leave a comment and let me know if you fit the profile.
 A yard of each of the sorbet collection prints
pictured above could be yours.

The randomly chosen winner will be announced next Wed. along with a new color story

Friday, July 1, 2011

color story inspiration

Color Story inspiration boards at Salt Lake Quilt mkt.
nothing says it better than a picture,
4' by 8' panels
The fascinating thing about these were listening to the emotional responses:
"oooh! This is soooo me"
"these were my wedding colors"
"I did the nursery in these"

In January we started grouping our prints by color stories. By the time we got to Spring market the little brochure we'd planned had morphed in this hefty piece of work:
table of contents:
The concept of grouping print collections based on color trends is something I've been doing for quite awhile. But this was the first time I'd presented it in a  way that gave it a focus and a framework for others to understand.  Each collection has it's inspiration page followed by the prints - some stories have been evolving for years, some are in their infancy.
It takes time for trends to evolve and our eyes to become accustomed to them. 
Identifying, tracking and making sense of it all I find endlessly fascinating.
The research starts here and just about anywhere my eyes land.  I travel, read voraciously and keep a catch-all file that gets sorted later. 
and yes I've discovered Pinterest (the nights just got longer)

keeping track of what goes with what 
follow me as I share  the process and 
a new color story
every Wednesday
with a