Sunday, July 26, 2009

Dress up in the forest

Seems like I've been here, there and everywhere this summer, but my favorite was the blissful time spent with my grandchildren at the family cabin in the forest near Yosemite.
and yes, I used that time for some shameless fabric promoting photos!

I talked Samantha into a little dress up time with these adorable skirts from one of
Cindy Taylor Oates' Patterns
don't ya love the touch of tulle!

But now onto the fun stuff: collecting the pine cone babies
that go to bed in their bark beds with moss tufts for pillows.
what looks like a twig to the untrained eye is really a "toy" to help them fall asleep.
.........these are the good times........

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Paula Prass giveaway!

Still submerged but hoping to surface soon- till then, get on over to Paula Prass's oh-so-fun summer soire giveaway!! Really , I can't wait to read the winner's story - Paula's too!