Thursday, May 22, 2008

Designing Spaces room makeover

Here's what I did with my spare time (not!) before Quilt Market! Flew down to Florida to do a special baby segment for the DIY show: Designing Spaces. Three days of design, install and film for 12 minutes of film!

Thanks to the help of my talented sister Mindy and the top notch crew from Designing Spaces it all came together.

It seems it always comes back to food, in this case the camera crew fuels up on coffee and donuts patiently waiting for the next stage in the makeover.

camera tips from a pro

Collette the expectant Mommy (very patient as we invaded her home!) me, and Debbie Marie the hostess with the mostess (there's a reason they refer to her on set as the talent!)
The secret ingredient for all of this is liquid starch and of course fabric!
My sister Mindy is the one that taught me all that can be done with starch. She covered her bathroom walls, then 3 kids and 10 yrs later she took it down (in 15 minutes!). That's the beauty of it; so easy to remove and it doesn't harm the walls. Perfect for rentals, dorm rooms, furniture. Note the hanging lampshade: EASY! No more spray adhesives and toxic fumes.
simply cover the surface with undiluted starch, smooth the fabric over the surface then apply another coat, thoroughly soaking. Smooth out air bubbles with a paintbrush or my preferred method; fingers (if you liked finger painting you'll love this).
And just for fun
Check out this great crib sheet tutorial from Joanna of Stardust Shoes fame.