Monday, February 18, 2008

The Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner, Winner

Greetings friends! (This is still Sandi, not Kathy!) I will tell you all she is doing well, just busy running around the country for one reason or another. :) She'll be back soon.

So the hijack was fun, after so many people wanted in on the free fabric, we decided to give away a little more than 2 stacks. Kathy is chipping in and SIX (woo hoo!) winners were drawn. I decided to do something a little creative and picked every 50th comment. So commenters 1, 50, 100, 150, 200 and 250 will win a fat quarter collection from Ginger Blossom. If one of these are your comments, please email me at with your address and I'll get your fabric to you!

And BTW-thank you so much for the enthusiasm! We love the collection and are thrilled that everyone else is excited by it too!

CraftAddictConfessional said:
Sandi, you are a nut! LOL! Can't wait to get my hands on some Ginger Blossom -- and the next great things to come from you and MM, too!

Judy b said:
I love that little dress. and what a great idea the inspiration section is.

Caroline said:
Ever since I saw your fabric I have been dying to get my hands on some. I even posted on my blog about it and french friends keep asking me when it finally comes into stores!

K*dunc said:
i love love love your fabric! please, please, please, me me me!

Melanie said:
Oh - I wish you could hear my son's wicked laugh. I think he perfected it at 18 months...maybe 2 years!

the winns said:
I love your fabric. I can't wait to get some and start sewing for my 3 girls!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Hijack

If you read this blog, then you are a fan of Michael Miller fabrics or Kathy Miller. Well. (Insert first of wicked giggles here.) This is not Kathy Miller. (Insert second, more slightly wild wicked giggle here.) I have HIJACKED Kathy's blog! (Insert wild, out of control cackle here Muaa haa haaa!)

This is Sandi Henderson of Portabellopixie. And before you call the blog police, Kathy has asked me to fill in today and guest write. But I'm going to pretend she doesn't know about it because it's more fun that way. ;)

Let's see, so I am supposed to talk about me. Well, in case you aren't bored to your gourd from reading about me on my blog, then here is the scoop! I am a lisenced designer for Michael Miller Fabrics. My first line, Ginger Blossom is just about to hit stores. In the next few weeks everyone will be able to play with it!

Working with Kathy and everyone at Michael Miller has been so wonderfully rewarding that we decided to start right into a second line after the artwork for Ginger Blossom was completed. That second line will debut in May and will be in stores shortly after that. So there will be lots to play with in the next little bit!

My background is in children's clothing design, and along with the second line of fabric, we will be releasing our first line of sewing patterns. The line consists of 4 patterns for boutique children's clothing. What is boutique clothing? To me it means super cute and very well contructed, while still being wearable! Here is a sneak peek of one of the patterns to be released this May at Quilt Market. These patterns will go beyond a regular "how to" in that each one will have an inspiration section that will really show how to make the most of the pattern. Dozens of beautiful photography to dazzle and delight. Crafting and sewing are again becoming cool and sewing for children is a huge part of that!
Let's see, before I go, how about I give away some fabric? We had a little giveaway over in my land recently and only one person got to win, so I'll spread a little textile love over here too. Leave a comment and TWO (whoa) people will win a fat quarter of each print from Ginger Blossom. From me to you. Just don't tell Kathy I hijacked her blog or we won't get to do this again. shhhh.. muahh ha ha (You should totally give the wicked laugh a try, it's good for the sould every now and then.)