Sunday, February 21, 2010

wandering gnome in Japan

Gnome spotting in Osaka Japan!
gettin' goofy

 hanging with the girls
hanging with old friends...
Tina you're the winner!!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gnomesome Traveler

Hey, guess what? I'm traveling again and here's the deal;  If you can guess where in the world I'll be based on the images below (from our print Gnome-some Traveler) we'll choose one winner to  receive a yard of it along with....

a bonus yard of our  gnome panel

 my travel size companion - super quick to make- ready to go
  (note to self: would be good to hatch these ideas before you're walking out the door. 
Next time I'll make more and bring along as travel gifts)

here's the choices:





New York City



Somewhere in the Tropics

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

and the winners are....

Wow! thank you all for the wonderful response and kind words.

and now for the good part:  the winners are:

Dotty jane
Theresa B
Barbara G

(to all the rest of you: there's more to come)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


I'm Back!!! yes it's me! What better way to resurface than to come back the same way I started when I took the plunge on my first posting in 07 !
Yes, yes, I know people have started to question and speculate about my absence, so here's an abbreviated account of my whereabouts since the end of October:


My daughter and I took a  "trip of a lifetime" to India.  It wasn't going to be a "work trip" but how could it not be?  It's true when you see the ads for "Incredible India" and I've got a 1000 pictures to prove it! (look for this in future collections and postings)

My Dad passed away - what can I say? My Mom and Dad will always be my source of strength and inspiration. I was blessed to be their daughter. 

Took some time to be with loved ones and welcome new family members throughout the holidays.

and now I'm back
recharged, reconnected, reinvigorated and ready to do a bit of re-inventing!

so....... to kick things off and since it's
here's a gift from me to you:  I'll pick three names to receive this bundle of fabrics from my stash here in the studio: