Tuesday, February 17, 2009

spotted on ohdeedoh

love it when I spot our prints popping up in fun ways. Here's the print; First Numbers from the First Sight Collection.
As seen in Apartment Therapy's nursery section ohdeedoh. Check out their contest this month (I first read about it on jcaroline's blog)
and what a fun excuse to use my favorite kid chairs from Ikea!


Anonymous said...

That's a really great use of it, especially considering the clever piecing involved to get the width needed for bedding!

I don't see a submission link anywhere, but I've used your Bad Kitty fabric twice now (three times if you count fun pocket linings in my jeans!).

First was for pillows in our saloon, and then again recently to make a privacy curtain for our cat's litter tray.

Cream said...

I so love the fabric!

Anonymous said...

I love the numbers print! I used it in my boys clothing line:



With friendship,

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