Monday, October 19, 2009

Designer Row: Before & After

As promised:
here we are on the classy side of the street across from Camp Michael Miller
(for a better look- check out their blogs- waaay better photos)
bright happy fun colors and great sewing patterns
on top of all that she's a great photographer too!
Pillow and Maxfield
Valerie Pillow & Anne Maxfield
wow! 1st time booth- born pros- gorgeous
warm, yummy inviting - it all just works together so well-
well deserved ribbon there: merchandising award!
Paula Prass (and husband Tim alias McGuyver)
modern,sophisticated always "just right"
"once an interior designer always an interior designer"


Unknown said...

I want that new Sandi Henderson fabric SO BAD!!! Can't even wait!

Chelsea said...

I was the lucky lucky winner of the Sandi Henderson FQ Bag from right before QM and I'm SO excited - I can barely stand waiting for it! One of these days I'll have some gorgeous projects for myself with some fabulous new patterns.

All are so beautiful. I esp. love Sandi's booth and Paula's booth.

Lisa Chin said...

I am always so amazed at what these designers manage to pull together from nothing!

Emily (Blue Chair Blessing) said...

Everything looks beautiful!

Kathy - I just sent an email to the general contact on the main website. I'd love to hear back from you :). Thanks so much.
Emily Burger

Eliane Zimmermann said...

I really do hope that this amok going German company with the paw print won't try to suit you because of your lovely paw print fabrics which so far caused nearly a thousand euro fine each to eight ladies selling self made products with your prints on dawanda. the freedom of design is seriously threatend and I am really sad about that direction. good luck!

basab et cie said...

very nice !! j' aime beaucoup vos tissus !!
Basab et Cie

Anonymous said...

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Susan said...

you might check the side links on your website (not this blog) because none of them worked for me. Would someone please email me where I can find retail store information?? Thanks!

Sherri Gauthier said...

It's been so to hear about what's coming in 2010...Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Helo Ms.Miller , I was thrilled to see the lovely collection on your blog and read the kind of hard work you guys have put in to form this company.I am excited and interested to work with you in order to gain experience,do you by any chance have any unit in India too?
best regards , Vimi.

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Sandi Henderson Fabric is awesome, she is one of my favorite one!