Friday, June 18, 2010

Ruffle guys

This has been bouncing around our office email:

Round trip ticket to Spring Quilt Market: $279.00
Hotel for 3 nights:  $547.00
Grande CafĂ© Latte right before the 1st day of show:  $9.00
scroll down

Seeing your supervisor in a white ruffled shirt, pink tie, and a pearl neck tag 
(and knowing you’re going to keep this pic forever):
Yeah…you better believe it!!!!!!
now the back story: 
The joke  (we've got a history of  'em at MMF) was on Ben Rubin (left) our international sales manager.  I wish I had a picture of his face when  Michael Steiner (right) the Michael of Michael Miller, knocked on his door, handed him the shirt  and said "see ya downstairs for breakfast." 
I hear the response was total silence.
  Then, "This has gone too far!  My customers will never take me seriously!"
well.. serious or not they pulled it off...

and they weren't the only ones; 
check out that ruffle skirt Christine's wearing.
left to right: Michael Steiner,Debi Porreca,Christine Osmers, Ben Rubin
and then there was the bean bag chair
Ruffles, ruffles everywhere!
check 'em out


Jen said...

OOh! Love ruffles! I saw your fellas on Patty Young's page and loved the shirts! Such brave guys ;)! .. and pink ties too!

The Hillbilly Wife said...

I would count this as priceless too! And now it is all over blogland! It looks like a fun time :)

Jenn said...

Um, yeah...very funny!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Why are coops and other stores allowed to sell at 1/2 price and nothing is being done about theses?

MommyN'Bliss said...

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who imagines his boss in ruffles? haha the most hilarious post I'ver seen in your blog so far!