Saturday, January 29, 2011

Laura Gunn's Magnolia Lane

Winter doldrums? 
Not if you wake up to this!
 A ray of sunshine and warmth
to melt the snow away.
Spring is on the way!
Laura Gunn's latest collection Magnolia Lane is a real stunner.
 Her dogwood stripe in olive (above) 
from her earlier Poppy collection 
ties in beautifully and illustrates 
how I think 
we all have
an internalized color palette
that comes through
in all that we do
if we listen
to the colors that we love.

I once read, that when decorating,
if you buy what you love, 
it will all go together 
in the end. 
(sorry I don't know who to 
credit this quote to)   
and yes, 
expect to see more 
of her painted canvas solids!


DianeY said...

I just received an order fo 5 of the solids & they are really to-die-for!I may never use regular solids again!

veronica said...

i am in love with that Aqua Magnolia pattern with the green solid textured look. i would love to play with that!

Martha said...

Gorgeous bright colors and pretty flowers!!!

Cathy (cdc) said...

I love these fabrics. I can't wait to see them in person. Thanks for sharing.

Chelsea Strong said...

Oh wow! I love the oversized pillow panels - are those every going to be available for purchase?

Anonymous said...

I love this fabric!

Alexis Johnson

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