Thursday, March 31, 2011

75 Finalists Revealed!!!

View and vote now for our next licensed designer!
75 finalists from 968 entries


Anonymous said...

I voted! I was surprised by how many owl patterns there were. I thought they were "over," but apparently not. Saw a couple of foxes, are they the new next thing? Funny. I like the seashore types. Really professional looking.
This contest was super fun for me. I didn't make the finals, but I did learn to repeat my pattern officially in Illustrator, which was a hoot. I just love making designs and coordinates. So much fun.
You must love this business.

Unknown said...

Wow so many beautiful and cute prints! Very hard to choose so thank god we can choose more than 1!

susanne said...

What a great idea! I voted for mine!

Annalisa said...

My fav are the dinos, classic... but hot air balloons are really amazing! Best of luck!

Miami refractive surgery said...

I vote for all, all are gorgeous and its hard to choose, I can't decide yet :d