Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday's inspiration

I agree with the whole process 
the way I work (and bake) 
there's not much sitting involved.
good food
good music
good company
good view
it's all good
have a great weekend!


Sparky said...

I a bread is harder than you think....creativity does not come into play, just a lot of kneading....
( more time to do it) lol

I love the poster...I am printing this out too...

Wanda said...

Love your colour concepts and all your fabrics at Michael Miller - delicious!

Sharon B said...

I cannot get to your post of June 28, the link in reader says the blog page does not exist :(
Is this a blogger issue
Sharon B

saffiertje said...

Oh my never thought of this!!! It's sooo cool saved it on my computer!!! Thanx for sharing

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