Friday, June 22, 2012

Polyurethane laminates (PUL)

It's a leaky world...
and that's where PUL (polyurethane laminate) comes in.
This has been in development for awhile and we just released it in June!
check out our first prints here.
What's PUL?
  • 100% polyester knit fabric backed with a polyurethane laminate.
  • Waterproof:  perfect for diapers, bibs, waterproof bags, raincoats and much more.
  • PUL is soft & pliable, resists wrinkling and drapes beautifully.
  • Machine washable and dryable.
  •  Holds up to heavy long term use.
  •   Lead free 
  • Meets CPSIA requirements
sewing pattern by 
 We'd love to know your favorite Michael Miller print 
for our next PUL line!
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Anonymous said...

Retro Yippee! Lil' Cowpokes!

Anonymous said...

Gnomes, too!

Cherie said...

The fabric sounds great! Perfect for lining washbags =D

Crystal said...

Love the dots but would also love lime green dots or the old disco dots in the pink and green. Also loving the pink elephants and the pink butterfly kisses.

Unknown said...

Plain Jane in aqua and red

Unknown said...

oh, and Sandi Henderson, Farmer's market.

Amorette said...

this just screams out to sea by sarah jane to me!

Irelle said...

I NEED some of this fabric!! Raincoats for my granddaughters! Love the dots!

Kristy said...

I love sewing with PUL and am so delighted that MM is now making your amazing prints available this way!

The Little Elephants would be perfect as a PUL!

Marcia W. said...

aqua ta-dots

MamaSaree said...

I am doing my daughter's nursery in Zoology Bloom. I can never have enough of that print!!!

Annie said...

Lil Kingdom would be adorable as such.

Rosa Z. said...

I would LOVE to see you do PUL in-

*Backyard Baby Windy Day
*Strawberry Tea Party (Main print- SO beautiful!)
*Aqua Red Nearby Floral
*DEFINITELY something from Children at Play- SO many of these would be awesome as PUL!
*Sorbet Forest Life & Tiny Flowers
*Cupcake Party

Unknown said...

Thanks for the sharing of this post.