Friday, December 13, 2013

Introducing Indo Ikat!

Indo Ikat by Gillian Fullard/London Portfolio

Doesn't this collection lend itself well to stunning home dec?! I love the pillows that Trenna styled for our Fall catalog. There is also a panel pattern that would make a really great tablecloth or quilt back...

I don't have a photo of the back of Heidi Pridemore's design but she used the Indo Ikat Collage on the back of her modern quilt pictured below.
 You can find the free quilt pattern here.

I used the Sunki pattern by Figgy's to make Little Miss O's Dress. It was a hit at the office so don't be surprised if you see it again! 

Oh, and just a helpful hint if you'd like to make a fabric headband-- I added a comb to the underside of the headband so it wouldn't slide out. You can find the combs at most local drug stores, beauty supply stores or online. Just whip stitch the comb to the headband!

Indo Ikat is shipping to stores now! We'd love to see what you make with it- Post your pics on our facebook page or on Instagram (#michaelmillerfabrics).

Happy sewing!


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Anonymous said...

This is adorable ~ I love the fabric combination!