Friday, March 7, 2014

The Littles Continued :)

I thought I would wrap up our two part Littles and Lesley Poole Post with some of our own MMF Littles projects.

This collection lends itself well to accessory projects like the amazing Lesley Poole demonstrated... But, it's also great for quilts! Heidi Pridemore designed the nautically inspired quilt below.
*free quilt pattern coming soon!

How perfect would this quilt be in a seaside cottage? I can make the quilt... now I just need a seaside cottage!


When I love a collection, I can't stop making garments. For the Littles, I went a little bit crazy- four dresses, one jacket and a bunch of bunting! Naturally, I wanted Little Miss O to model the dresses but this time, I enlisted her brother and Little Miss E to join the fun. Three kids who all wanted to be the boss. What a day! I admit, I had to use some lollipop bribery...

Here are the girls, doing their own thing :)

~ Miss E is wearing the Sally Dress in Little Sailboats
(the bow is Which Way Stripe)

Little O's brother, Charlie, has always been so curious about the photoshoots so I thought he would love being a part of one. He spent the whole time trying to check out the lights and wandering behind the backdrop. He wasn't happy about sitting on the bench until I said the magic word... Little E wasn't happy about the bench either (as you can see by her adorable frown-y face...
(before bribery)
...and then, the magic word, **Lollipop**

(after bribery)

Charlie is wearing the Puperita Jacket in Little Sailboats & Little Anchors

~ Miss O is wearing the Sally Dress in Little Sailboats & Little Lifesavers
~Miss E is wearing the Sunshine Dress in Clown Stripe & Little Anchors

And finally, SUCCESS! The girls were actually holding hands and spinning! It took all day but it was totally worth it. Little Miss O said that she loved teaching Charlie and Miss E the ropes. Gotta love that girl! 

The Littles is available in stores now! We'd love to see what you make... Post your pictures and projects on our facebook page!

 Have a great weekend and happy sewing!


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