Friday, December 12, 2014

michael miller's twelve d.i.y.s of Christmas!

Yesterday we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts at work and my Santa gave me a monogram mug. Love it! It's pretty special so I think it needs it's own Mug Rug! Tara and Shawn, our California co-workers, sent some Holiday garland which is the perfect decoration for your Christmas Tree... but it also made the best Mug Rug!
So, for day 10 of mmf's twelve d.i.y.s of Christmas, we bring to you this festive fabric twine... as a Mug Rug!

Follow the instructions in this Youtube video (or this tutorial) to wind the fabric twine... you'll need about 5 1/2 feet of twine to make the rug. After you've tied off the start and finish of the twine you'll need to wind it into a flat spiral, stitching it into place as you go. The diameter of the rug should measure about 5 1/2" when you're finished. What a fantastic gift set- just add hot chocolate and marshmallows!

Do you still need holiday fabric? Check out our website and stay tuned tomorrow for day 11 of MMF's twelve days of Christmas

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