Wednesday, March 8, 2017

QuiltCon: Michael Miller Luxe Challenge!

Every year we sponsor a QuiltCon challenge... this year, it was all about our silky, soft Luxe!

The entries were so amazing! You are all so talented :)
Here are the winners of the challenge and all of the Luxe quilts that were displayed at QuiltCon East!

1st Place
Luxe Modern by Susan Clay
59" x 62"

2nd Place
Look Deep, Deep Into My Eyes by Kari Anderson
62" x 58"

3rd Place
80" x 80"

Radiating Star by Jennifer Rodriguez
47" x 53"

Pyramids in Blue by Amanda Mourenza
16.38" x 16"

 Mini Luxe by Heather Black
19" x 22"

Luxe Mosaic by Michelle Lieberson
25.75" x 24"

Topography by Audrey Nishi
25" x 23"

Sunset on a Wavy Ocean by Lindsey Kiesz
24" x 24"

Pinball by Betsy Vinegrad
47" x 62"

Pentagon Toss Up by Karen Winther
54" x 62"

 Luxe Rebellion by Jen Sorenson
35" x 48"

Homage to Gwen and Jacquie by Sarah McKee
24" x 26"

 Diamond DeLuxe by Tiffany Baxter
51" x 62"

Birds on a Wire by Wendy Richards
26" x 31"

Lime Light, Star Bright by Mel Beach
31" x 31"

Windblown Kisses by AnnMarie Cowley
32" x 36.5"

Lime 'n Luxe by Linda Hungerford
35" x 35"

Sedimentary by Louise Phelps
32" x 32"

Also, check out these one-of-a-kind ribbons that Nicole (of Modern Handcraft) made! She made ALL of the prize ribbons for QuiltCon using Cotton Couture and our Luxe!

I also spotted Luxe in another category... Youth Quilts!
 Big Blue Whale by Caitlyn Baxter 
(2nd place winner!)
47" x 53"
Here's what Caitlyn had to say about her quilt-
"The Michael Miller Luxe fabric made me think of water, and water made me think of ocean animals. The first ocean animal that came to me was a whale because I like whales. We thought of the diamond shapes for the spout because the fabric has diamonds on it. I stitched all of it, and my mom helped me cut and pin the pieces. Mommy helped me quilt it, and she also helped me with the binding. I used Luxe Tumble Blocks, Fog, Luna, Midnight, and Magic Folk. The whale is from the Preppy Pod pattern by Elizabeth Hartman."  
QuiltCon East was so inspiring. We had an amazing time meeting all of you and seeing so much incredible talent


FlourishingPalms said...

Thanks for sharing photos of all the juried entries to the challenge. Congratulations to the ribbon-winners! I'm honored that my quilt appears among so much talent!

Heather Black said...

Thank you for posting a picture of my quilt. It's great to see all the great challenge quilts and how each quilter was inspired by the fabric this year.