Friday, June 15, 2018

Quilt Market Recap :: Part Two!

 "All children, except one, grow up."
This is the opening line of J.M. Barrie's gift to the world we all know as Peter Pan, the story we could all claim as our own. It holds that piece of childhood we never want to let go of. Before it was a Disney classic, it was a story- first a play, and then a novel, which I chose to use as my inspiration for this collection. With my passion for vintage storybooks... the colors, designs and classic magic... I wanted this textile collection to remind us of those children from turn of the century London who happen upon an incredible adventure, as well as the actual book itself... both in color and subject.
 ~Sarah Jane

Peter Pan starts shipping to stores in July 

My latest collection, Isabella, was inspired by my lovely daughter and her friends. A bit of a tomboy as a young child, this collection celebrates her new-found love for pretty things!

Isabella is in stores now!
You'll find ballerinas in position, music notes, crowns and so much more in Applause, new from Sandra Clemons. The colors are whimsy pinks, greens, blues and purples which bring playful yet balanced rhythm to the collection. Applause will inspire you to make beautiful things!

Applause starts shipping to stores in September

 Charming by Gertie is a fabulous line of vintage-inspired fabrics for the discerning dressmaker and quilter. It has all of Gertie's signature loves (roses, border prints and floral stripes) but with a glam and quirky twist for the customer who isn't afraid of something a little different.

Charming by Gertie starts shipping to stores in August

 Behind the wrought-iron fence lies a beautiful secret garden, Les Jardins. Climbing vines and delicate packed blooms adorn the collection while flowers float through the ombre sky of the double border.

 Les Jardins starts shipping to stores in September

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