Thursday, March 28, 2019

Introducing Michael Miller Fabrics Brand Ambassador - Karly Nelson

We are so pleased to introduce Karly Nelson as our eighth Michael Miller Fabrics Brand Ambassador! 

Hi! I'm Karly from Paisley Roots. I started my stitching journey 15 years ago, shortly after the birth of my first child. Being tall (6' to be exact) and coming from a creative family, I was always intrigued with making my own clothing. During the last 6 years, my main sewing focus has been clothing my 5 long-bean children but I've been very excited to bring my focus back to quilts this year.   I'm very honored and thrilled to be on the Michael Miller Ambassador team and can't wait to share some of my creativity with you!

1. What was your first sewing project?
My first sewing project was a simple and the super basic of baby quilts. Yarn ties and all!

2. What other hobbies do you enjoy?
Travelling, reading, watching documentaries, doodling, knitting, astrology, eating chocolate....

3. What is your favorite color?
A myriad of teals.
4. Where is your dream vacation?
All around the world!
5. Who taught you how to sew?
Trial and error, pattern tests and YouTube. Although my mother (who has never sewn) says I got my sewing talent from her! 😂
6. What food could you eat everyday?
Brownies...maybe topped with some strawberries and raspberries but mostly the brownie.
7. What do you want to be doing in five years?
I want to be sitting on the beach in front of my beach house, eating brownies while planning my girls prom dresses while I'm also neck deep in a dozen other projects! A book and fabric line may be part of those projects.

Thank you Karly and welcome to the brand ambassador team!

To see what she is currently working on, check and follow her main channels:

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