Monday, June 9, 2008

Inspiration in NY

It was sweltering hot in New York this week. I arrived last weekend and planned on settling into the office to get some work done.
But after lugging my BIG BAG 60 lbs! art is not only messy it's heavy!
only to find a power outage (that means no elevator, much less air conditioning) on our block. I gladly accepted our superintendents' offer to hold the bag for me and come back Monday.
Free to wander, I found my way to The Conran Shop. Check this out; the lampshade and lacy curtain panels are made from velcro!

Love this concept: Imagine sitting under a patio umbrella made of yards and yards of hula skirting. Considering the weather, I got totally carried away envisioning a breeze and listening to the gentle swish of the hula-brella as I sipped my margaritta on the beach. They call it a frou frou parasol for a wowser $4000!

While waiting in the checkout line at Urban Outfitters I had time to admire the ingenious lighting . The cords and bulbs hang from a metal grid, sort of like a metal matress frame. Would love to do this at Quilt Market if only we weren't restricted to an 8 ft.(special cases 10ft) height restriction. The assemblage art is pretty cool too, very Louise Nevelson .
Next stop; my all time favorite inspiration retailer ABC Carpet and Home. An incredible landmark building with stunning displays taking advantage of it's HIGH ceilings.
rough cut work with sequin stitched accents.
this was actually upholstered in a cotton knit with the muslin flowers loosely stitched on.
Beautiful metal sculpted branch chandelier. Hmmmmm..... I see lots of branches in our next booth.........
fantasy dreamland
Don't know where or what I'd do with these opalized glass balls but I might have to splurge and find out.
That's it for now, gotta get some work done. stay tuned though, next stop the Renegade Craft Fair in Brooklyn!


Patty Young said...

Ooooh... I am so envious right now, Kathy! That is my kind of trip. I love, love, love window shopping at artsy shops and galleries and am always caught taking little sneaky snapshots like these. Hope you had a blast and cooled off eventually! :)

Anonymous said...

Missed running into you at market, seriously though everytime I went by the Michael Miller booth you were not there. No! I was not stalking you just wanted to say Hi!
I was hoping to get a chance to chat two weeks ago at the Trend-tex conference. Now I know what you were up to. Ben was kind enough to humour me though.

Irene said...

I have recently come across MM fabrics and without realizing it beforehand all fabrics that I buy for our new home are from Michael Miller! We are just moving in, but I promise to post photos soon. Thank you for all the beauty and inspiration.

Sarah said...

A little boutique I sew for is modeled after ABC Carpet and Home, everything is so lovely and it's a joy to come up with creative new things for their shop. I appreciate how Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters make each store unique, but still maintaining a consistent feel. Looks like a great way to spend an otherwise icky day!

sewkalico said...

In a previous incarnation, I had clients who made carpets for ABC. I sadly never made it there on my few trips to NYC so I just loved seeing your photos. said...

I read really much helpful information here!

vender oro said...

In a previous incarnation, I had clients who made carpets for ABC. I sadly never made it there on my few trips to NYC so I just loved seeing your photos.