Monday, July 21, 2008

Baby Bootie Contest Winners!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here they are! It was hard to narrow it down with so many absolutely adorable entries! The The contest and the Craftzine winner round up
Our Grand Prize winner: Petite Baby Booties by Bridget Baxter . She wins a Singer Curvy sewing machine (model #8763) and a Repro Depo $100 gift certificate.
The following runner ups win a Michael Miller fabrics fat quater bundle ($80 value) and a $20 gift certificate from Repro Dep0
Rebecca Alkema with her transforming booties

Chinese Kids Baby booties by Grace Mayorga

Caroline' booties by Stephanie Leigh Sabbe
Thanks to all for the awe inspiring inspiration!!!!


Rachel Berry said...

Congrats to everyone!! Bridget Baxter is my very good friend and I am so excited for her!! Man looking at all these booties makes me baby hungry... Well almost.

Anonymous said...

How did you choose the winner? That is a job that I would not envy! Each one is so adorable.

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