Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Two'fer Tuesdays

Here's the deal: we're starting Two'fer Tuesdays. The first 4 Tuesdays in July we'll be posting 2 tutorials each Tuesday by Joanna of Stardust Shoes blog featuring our First Sight Collection by Shawn of Michael Miller.

The First Sight Collection was created in response to requests from customers for a baby collection geared towards an infants' developing eyesight. The contrast of black and white being the first thing they can focus on and red being the first color. Perfect for those cool black and red cribs out there, not to mention black and white themed baby showers.

Click here for the blocks. Click here for the bib.


Juliann said...

This First Sight collection is such a good idea! I love the bright bold stripes and letters and great shapes in addition to the color scheme. Really smart. . .

Anonymous said...

As a new nana-to-be, I love this collection! Thanks so much for the tutorials!!

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