Wednesday, November 19, 2008

fabric 2.0 Houston

The Fabric 2.0 blogger party was a great time. Here's L to R; Christina of Etsy, me and Caroline of Jcaroline Creative! the only one missing is Lissa of Moda: Hostesses all, and thanks to Caroline for bringing us all together!!
It was a beautiful setting atop the Hilton. I had to pull myself away and felt a bit like Cinderella having to leave the festivities and hurry back to the booth set-up. I've always felt it'd be a great concept for a reality show; PROJECT TRADE SHOW, behind the scenes, real world creativity under pressure, on a deadline. show - must - go- on kind of thing. Too bad I didn't get a chance to meet Jay McCarroll (yes that's him in the polka dot kerchief) from Project Runway and take notes.
L to R: Heather Bailey, her sister -in law: Laura Gunn and Paula Prass. Did they plan to color coordinate? Pssssst! here's a scoop; Laura's new line will debut with us at Spring Market in Pittsburgh!!! BEAUTIFUL!

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