Friday, November 7, 2008

Quilt Market follow-up

Here we are, all smiles as we receive the 2nd place multiple booth award.
This is just a few of us that were around for the picture taking (L to R: Patty Young, Benjamin Rubin, Christine Osmers, Sandi Henderson, me, Deb Buchanan, Paula Prass, Becky Bennett, Terri Hempfling, Susan Day.
The booth theme was our new Cicely Mary Barker's Flower Fairies.

loved the fairy wings

I love Sandi Henderson's color sense. The orange wall color was an inspired backdrop for her wonderful Ginger Blossom and Farmer's Market collections, not to mention her boutique pattern line.
Sandi and Dustin, what a team!
Loved the way the booths all flowed and complimented each other. Here's Sandy's booth next to Paula Prass's booth with her premeire Flights of fancy collection. Her background in interior design comes through soooo tastefully. Wall art and frames from her home decor accents line tucked in here and there.

love the details
speaking of details love the vintage pins Bari J puts on her bags. (she's also got great news on her blog!)
Patty Young across the aisle debuting her Andalucia collection! My pictures don't do it justice, If you have'nt already, be sure to check out her blog.

loved this dress! complete with a petticoat! It's no wonder her kids clothes have been such a hit!
I have to throw this in - it's Caroline (in the blue chair) of JCaroline Creative! with the cutest booth designed by Jessica Jones (note Jessica's fabric on the chairs and desk): we carry it wholesale - JCaroline carries it Retail) She's also produced Ribbon designed by Patty that coordinates perfectly with her Andalucia collection.
And by the way, she won best new exhibitor!

What follows are the few pictures I managed to take during set up. I always get back and realize all the pictures I didn't take!!
Jean and Tom (my sister and Brother-n-law) she made sure we were the best fed crew at mkt. home made brisket, pulled pork sandwiches, bacon bread, cookies etc. etc. He makes our ideas become a reality even when some structures need a little "sky tape and air hooks"
my sister Mindy creating the twig and branch bed for the Flower Fairy bed, complete with a bark bedside table.

can you believe I don't have a picture of the finished bed!
Becky had just stapled her hand (note the bandage) didn't slow her down a bit!
Paula unpacking: what's wrong with this picture?? You'd never know she had a broken shoulder and arm!
Jennifer: Paulas' multi tasking/uber-talented, right hand, left hand, whatever-it- takes -to- get- the- job- done daughter.

That's John at the top; Patty's husband and helper to ALL OF US!

Sandi, calm under pressure, booth structure arrived late but in the end it all came together - beautifully!

this was just a small sampling of all our group that knocked themselves out to make it happen!


Eileen said...

I could spend an entire week just checking out things there! Thanks for sharing!


Lauren The Artist said...

Your booth was beautiful. I snapped a picture of the twig-bed, while at market. I can email it if you like. ~jen~

Lisa Chin said...

I love looking at all your pictures! You have such a talented family to bring it all together. Congratulations. Love your fabrics!

Celia said...

Very nice pics and what a hard work!

Jona Giammalva said...

Your team had the dream aisle, it was such a treat for the eyes! How fun to have your sisters help out!

Unknown said...

Hey, there's nothing wrong with that photo of me. It's just me moving faster than the speed of light! What a great time had by all.

Unknown said...

I have enjoyed reading everyones blogs about the market. You guys did a fantastic job. Now you deserve a rest. Even if it's for a little bit. You worked hard and it shows!

Sheree said...

I had such a blast at market. Took lots of notes for next year!

It was a pleasure meeting you and I can't wait for my new fabrics to arrive!

Sheree of Sheree's Alchemy

Anonymous said...

Everything was just beautiful!

Amanda said...

Wow! Everything looks great and like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so beautiful! I like seeing the market set up. It looks like all of the work is done by magical fairies! And I guess that was the look you were going for!!

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