Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Release Preview 1

What a great way to kick-off our latest release! Patty Young's adorable Kyoko sewing pattern made up in the Happy Tones Collection
The whole Happy Tones group is made to mix and match - black grounds with Aqua, Coral, Citron and GRAY! I'm not saying Gray is the "new Black" BUT it sure updates a color story! (you don't normally think of Gray as a Happy color - but when it's next to these colors - it happens!)

You're all seeing this at the same time

That means both wholesale and retail consumers
If you're a wholesale customer of ours and you've placed an order; please feel free to leave your contact info in the comment section for anyone wishing to purchase.

Red, Coral and Aqua!
goes great with our Eiffel tower print and Paula Prass's Flights of Fancy-Summer color story


Anonymous said...

the groups look GORGEOUS!

Suzanne@NotesfromthePatch said...

Hi Kathy:
Sweet Maureen was here yesterday and I pretty much ordered EVERYTHING! I see a few pieces in your photos that I originally resisted but will be getting those next week at TALA. Oh, you guys - the masters of marketing. I'm so easily influenced by fun blogs and pretty pictures. = )
Strawberry Patches

Anonymous said...

Hi Mom! Do you know if that pattern can be made to fit me? I'm sure you have tons of free time to make me a new dress... :) I love the fabric groups! Love, Kristin