Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quick and Easy Wreath

 Another great Quick and Easy project;
DIY wreath
made using styrofoam balls and torn strips of our fabrics!
(idea: include the kids,  just snip the width you want along the selvage and let the kids do the ripping)
by Trenna Travis 
ultra talented photographer, interior designer and artist.
pssst... if you haven't been to her facebook page- go now.


Megan said...

Love the wreath! How did you attach the balls together?

The Liles' said...

Just read the tutorial on She said she just glued the fabric colored balls to a fabric covered wreath! Ease and too cute!!!

Anonymous said...

ive tried glueing the fabric to the balls, and it just looks ugly. the ones in the picture look nicer, maybe im glueing it wrong. is there a certain way to glue the fabric on??

Grace said...

question, did you pin the fabric on to the balls and then glue the balls on with a glue gun to the wreath? thanks

Anonymous said...

I don't believe the strips were glued to the balls, they were probably pinned. Here is a link to the original post:

Unknown said...

Featured this wreath on my 20 Great Spring Wreaths post.

Meredith said...

Just wanted to let you know that I featured your adorable wreath on my blog!

MrsArtLady said...

I have a website/blog where I try various Pinterest pins to see how they really turn out. After reading the above comments I believe this one will be my next experiment!
See how things turn out on my website, but give me a couple of days!
Mrs. Art Lady

Jennifer said...

I would thin the glue as in decoupaging them. I would use fabric to match the design of a room, and then show them off in a bowl. Maybe use for other holidays.

CarolineP said...

I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog! Today I did a post on my blog about DIY projects for spring and I included a link to your Paper Dahlia Wreath!
Thanks for sharing!

Marie bishop said...

I have made this type of wreath with syrophone balls with squares of fabric, I use an elastic to secure the fabric, I
Like on a ponytail, and hot glue the tail, if you will to frame or on balsam wreath

Unknown said...

I love this wreath and it's super cute. My niece would totally have a ball making this wreath, I think I'll have to make one with her. Great work.

I love how spring is in the air (at least for a lot of people...maybe not those still getting massive amounts of snow). I've been working on a bunch of diy spring projects. I just posted my first one which is a Spring Monogram Wreath. It's super easy to make, takes less than 20 minutes and certainly adds beauty to wherever it's placed. Check it out at:

I apologize for my photography skills or lack there of...I'm trying though, ugh! I clearly need some pointers. If you have any you want to share, please share them in the comments of this post:

I would certainly appreciate it! Happy Spring everyone! :)