Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sweet Holiday Owlie Softie

the most adorable little owl??
Why this guy of course!
compliments of 
Patty Sloniger's
Sweet Owlie Softie - Tutorial
 made up in HO HO Hoot CX4982
......stay tuned ...
as Patty  starts our
Designer Spotlight Series 
in January!


Ms. De said...

I made my son and his new wife a christmas quilt with this fabric so I MUST make this to go with it! We'll see if itgets done in time for his stocking or not ;)!!

Unknown said...

Now he is just too cute! Fabric is perfect, LOVE IT!!

Allkind Joinery said...

Looks great! I never seen a crafty owl like this, I honestly afraid of the owls face and since it is made in crafty no such reasons to afraid about. I love the idea in creating this quilt! Keep doing great!

Tami N said...

Super, super cute!!

StacyJean said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!