Tuesday, January 3, 2012

got a question?

I kick started the new year over at
answering their thought provoking questions and you can too!
 (you'll also have the chance to win a $20 gift certificate)
Sewing Industry Reflections and Predictions Series
doing all this reflecting got me thinking.. 
What Questions Do You Have?
Not only for me but for the 
Designer Spotlight Series 
we'll be starting soon
(every week we'll shine the spotlight on one of our designers)  
Now's the time to ask ...


bette said...

Is there anywhere I can purchase the "Recess" retro fabric?

Marcia W. said...

Paula Prass
How has your move to California impacted your designs?
Sandi Henderson
Secret Garden had colors that seemed different from your prior collections. What was the impetus behind that color choice?
Violet Craft
Please describe the differences between your last collection and the one coming out next. Enjoyed your tutorial at sewmamasew.
Thanks for the opportunity to submit questions.

jean massey said...

Just received your first email, we have a LOt in common, I love Hepburn?Tracy, too and the dream is Australia. I absolutely adore these fabrics, just running my mind into overdrive,