Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Citron Gray colorstory update

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As color trends go,
Citron and Gray has now gone mainstream.
Over the past few years we've seen variations on the theme from Black and Canary yellow
to Gray and all  shades of yellow and citron.
There was a time when it was on the outer fringes of acceptance.
(fun clip from The Devil Wears Prada too)

how's this for a smooth transition from Dior- Devil wears Prada - Atomic Kitchen?
if the color story fits, why not?
which of course goes with Backyard BBQ
not your cup o' tea?
you're bound to find something to take a spin in
toodles till next time!


Sharon B said...

Atomic Kitchen and Backyard BBQ would be perfect for my Camper Kitchen!

Unknown said...

Heck yes! this is my color combo!!

Marcia W. said...

yes indeed like these fabric colors

Amorette said...

i love the atomic kitchen- i have an amy butler pattern for an apron that would look fab in that! the high fashion pics are always fun too...

sewkalico said...

Very interesting. Such a retro feel to this combination.

Becky said...

Well Im surprised.I just contacting was asking for permission to use some of the bird fabrics for my blog background..I adore his fabric.I see now you would probably be able to answer my question,lol.I have a blog here on blogger entitled Chittychatcat.its a personal blog,I dont sell anything its plain and simple and I love designing it more than blogging would appreciate your reply.I would give credit where credit is due.