Sunday, February 19, 2012

Greetings from the Lost Pixie

I'm not lost though really!  Just been busy.  So I am here, crashing the Making it Fun blog once again (these crashes are so much more fun when Kathy doesn't really know they are coming - alas, this one is at her request..)

Let's see..  what shall we chat about today?

Oh I am dreaming of spring.  Will winter end soon?  I love all 4 seasons in their own right, but around January, I am ready for it to be over!  So I have been surrounding myself with photos and colors of bright happy-ness.  All citrusy and berry colors - bright pops against muted backgrounds.  It's making my heart sing right now..  Here, take a peek at a bit of an art board that has been working it's was out of my sketchbook and gradually into design for a new fabric collection.

It is also the color scheme for my new studio space!  We moved our little group into the back building in a cool section of downtown Missoula a few months ago.  I haven't shared anything about this space, because it's been a little daunting just learning how to divide work from home now!  I have been so used to having everything in one spot, it has taken some getting used to.  But the transition is going well!

The space was U-G-L-Y.  But the price was definitely right and the landlord had that -  knock down a wall / do whatever you want to the place, as long as I get a rent check.. attitude.  So we signed on the bottom line and started moving.  Will show pictures soon..

Let's see.. what else?  I am sewing a TWO wedding dresses right now!  Both in color, and I am using Cotton Couture for these non-traditional brides.  I was scratching my head when they both told me what they wanted, but now I am loving it.  Look how pretty..

OK, back to it!  See you again soon-

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