Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing Elephant Romp!

I spent a ton of time hanging out with my niece over the summer and we were always trying to come up with fun things to do. This led to endless hours poking around on some of my favorite creative blogs. We found an amazing tutorial on Cakies for a DIY A-frame tent. We built the frame and the fabric cover in an afternoon (with the help of my handy dad) and then looked for a good place to set up. It was a beautiful day so we chose a sunny spot outside and set up the tent with some over-sized pillows and some of O's favorite toys. 

Of course, I couldn't pass up a perfect photo-op! 

O is wearing an Elephant Romp tunic (I used Made By Rae's very versatile pattern, Geranium) Her purple leggings are from Target. 
The tent cover is made from Chic Chevron in Jewel.
I didn't use a pattern for the pillows but I found a fantastic colorblock pillow tutorial on All Things Thrifty (if you'd like to make something similar.) 

And, the best thing about this tent; when not in use, it can be disassembled and neatly rolled up for storage under a bed or in a closet. It also makes a great indoor hideaway when it's cold or rainy.

...And some stuffed monkey love XOXO

It was hard to choose a color for the tunic since I love all of them. But MM's Cotton Couture in Starfruit just works so perfectly with the Elephant Romp in Starfruit and I wanted to use a solid for the top part of the tunic. I love how it turned out!

Ellen Maxwell used the retro Elephant Romp color story to create the quilt below. You can find the free pattern here.

I hope that you love Elephant Romp as much as I do! Happy sewing and have a great weekend!



WeedyMama said...

Those elephants are having toooo much fun.

WeedyMama said...

Those elephants are having toooo much fun. Sad I missed the camera bag.