Friday, October 4, 2013

Midnite Gems

Michael Miller's new line, Midnite Gems, crosses effortlessly from home decoration into apparel. Heidi Pridemore designed a simple, modern quilt with lots of bright white. She also used a combo that we've seen a lot of lately-- navy and berry!

 1. color block party romper 2. DIY chevron nails 3. Trina Kelly stripe jewelry organizer 4. J.Crew look for girls

*Styled and photographed by Trenna Travis

*quilt design by Heidi Pridemore

The free quilt pattern (pictured above) can be found here.

The navy/berry combo would be fantastic for apparel as well but we thought that we needed to represent some of the other beautiful color combos from the group- like teal and navy.

Trenna Travis styled the photograph below and designed the simple, elegant shirt dress. I found a similar pattern that would work well with this collection. Just click on the image (or here) and you'll be linked to the pattern below.

Next on our list of fabrics that need to be garments? Julie. But we can't decide between teal and jewel! 

Stay tuned to find out what we create!

Happy sewing~
xo, kait

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