Friday, October 18, 2013

Quilt Market Mahem!!

It's that time again-- Fall Quilt Market in Houston, Texas!
*photo courtesy of Pepper Cory

We are in full swing over at Michael Miller Fabrics... Packing our crates and trying to wrap up last minute EVERYTHING!

And, it wouldn't be Quilt Market prep time without a major printer malfunction. 

The red light is a sight we hate to see :( 
 But, when everyone pitches in, the chaos of getting ready for quilt market can be fun!

 Here are some more photos from around the office. I thought you'd all enjoy getting a glimpse into a day in the life of the staff of the MMF New York office!

Nellie and Julia "helping" the sample department...

 Jennie- working with an oh-so-luscious pile of Cotton Couture

Alison- a very organized mess :)

Robin- There's always time to pump iron... errrrr, fabric!

Anna- hiding behind the headers... please, please no more labels!!

Kait- Gettin' cozy with the Cozy

 and, now a sneak peek of some of our fabrics that will debut at Quilt Market...

See you all next week!



SewCalGal said...

I look forward to seeing you at Quilt Market.


Anonymous said...

Oh, love that shiny chevron! Have to get some!