Friday, April 25, 2014

Houndstooth & Friends :: Rouge et Noir

This post is all about scottie dogs, cheesecake and HOUNDSTOOTH!

I'll start with cheesecake because it's delicious and I'm starving ... even though we all know that I should start with the scotties and finish up after lunch with the cheesecake when I'm not as hungry. You know, the rule that you should never go to the grocery store before eating a meal. But, who follows that rule?!
   *The dress above was made using Everyday Houndstooth in Black/ photograph and styling by Trenna Travis Design

Ok, hands down, the best cheesecake in NYC is from Eileen's. Seriously, you'll thank me later ;)

AND, here's the best thing- Eileen's will overnight express their cakes anywhere in the U.S.!!

If you're planning to visit NYC you might want to hit up these bakeries as well--

And from left field, the best Key Lime Pie EVER!
(They have one location in Brooklyn and the hours are not very consistent but if you're in town, try to make the trek. It's totally worth it!) 

 Ok, moving on to what Michael Miller is famous for- fabric!

How cute is this argyle and Scottish Terrier inspired quilt designed by Susan Emory?!

 You can find a link to the free pattern by clicking here.


Houndstooth and Friends in the Rouge et Noir color story is fun but it can be sophisticated as well! Check out the table setting and the gorgeous redheaded model below...
*Pictured above- Everyday Houndstooth in Rouge, Tiny Houndstooth in Red/ photographs and styling by Trenna Travis Design

 Just in case you're wondering, those beautiful blooms on the table are Ranunculus and they are A-mazing and available in so many beautiful colors! Perfect for a table, a bridal bouquet or any ol' day of the week :)


*Everyday Houndstooth in Black/ Photographs and styling by Trenna Travis Design
 Houndstooth & Friends is shipping to stores now!


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scottylover said...

LOVE this, especially the Scottie fabric! I was "owned" by a Scottie once and hope to someday be owned by another. :) And that dress is adorable!

Sandy A