Friday, April 11, 2014

Make It Work!

It's finally beautiful outside-- and, boy, have we earned it! It's so nice that I spent some time on our fire escape taking pictures...
I know... It's not a beautiful garden, or the beach... or a park... but it's OUTSIDE!! and I'll take what I can get :)

*Pictured above (on our lovely fire escape) is a Make It Work tote bag. The main fabric is Make It Work in tan, the base is Solid Cotton Sateen in coral, and the straps are Painter's Canvas in slate

Inside the tote is a bag for jewelry or makeup...
*The main fabric is Couture in seafoam and the tie is Cotton Couture in Coral

I imagine a dancer or a little aspiring ballerina carrying her ballet slippers and her tutu in a carry-all made out of this collection. Stef, of Girl Inspired, created the perfect dance bag! Wouldn't it be lovely in Couture or Make It Work?!


I'm thinking about dragging my sewing machine outside this weekend for some fun in the sun (and some serious vitamin D and Quilt Market sewing). I'm using this awesome quilt as my garment sewing inspiration...
*the Fashionista Quilt was designed by Marinda Stewart
Click here for the free Fashionista quilt pattern.

I'd love to make a 50's inspired dress like the one in the quilt using Frou Frou in Aqua (pictured above) or gray!

Marinda designed a sister quilt to the Fashionista as well... Stay tuned for the free quilt pattern!

Love that scalloped edge made with Zelda in gray! Bet it would make a cute dress :)

Have a great weekend!


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