Friday, June 20, 2014

It's a lovely time to throw an Ice Princess Party!

Last weekend we had a super fun Ice Princess Party! The girls wore beautiful princess dresses, played games, snacked on delicious treats and, of course, we all sang songs... I'm sure you can guess what they were ;) ...and now, you probably won't be able to get them out of your head!


We played outside for a bit since it was a beautiful, sunny Saturday and I wanted the girls to run around before I brought out the cupcakes... So, they put on their first princess dresses and the magic began! They were so happy... you can definitely see the joy.

The dresses above were made using Fairy Frost by our friends over at Jessica Inspired Boutique. We wouldn't have been able to pull off this Ice Princess Party without them!

Next stop, the Ice Palace and the Treat Table!
I used Fairy Frost for almost all of the decorations- The table topper, the chair covers, the icicle bunting, and the bows that decorate the jars! Even though I worked hard on the details, the dresses were definitely the stars of the show!
*Click here for a link to the dress. Theresa used MMF Fairy Frost in Aqua (It's covered in silver glitter which makes it oh-so-sparkly!)

Every princess needs to learn how to curtsy... and I didn't even have to stage the photo below! Little Miss A taught Little Miss O how to curtsy! Melted my heart...
*click here for a link to the dress above. It's sewn using MMF Fairy Frost in Midnite and Jet Black.

I thought the curtsy lesson deserved a treat so the girls picked "Snowballs" (aka white cupcakes with vanilla icing and coconut flakes)
I decorated their "Snowballs" with tiny icicle bunting attached to white toothpicks. I used a glue stick to attach some Fairy Frost to a piece of card stock, let it dry, and then cut out the little icicles. Then, I used a sewing machine to sew the icicles together and I tied the threads to the tooth picks. Hmmmm... maybe I have too much time on my hands :)
  I found the blue and white striped baking cups at Ikea. 

Party City has tons of blue candy (they actually have their goodies separated by color so that made things easy!) I found "Magical Ice Wands" aka rock candy and striped candy sticks along with some pretty aqua gem stones. 
I used the aqua gem stones as a game- the princesses guessed how many ice crystals were in the jar. The winner (they were both winners :) got to choose a prize from the table... 
*some close ups of the party table and prizes~
2. "goodie jars" filled with snow, a white tree and an ice crystal. *I used mason jars and baker's twine and I added a little bit of sparkly Fairy Frost to the lid so the girls would get to take home a little winter wonderland.
3. glitter nail polish, of course!
4. Marshmallows, carrot sticks and pretzel sticks aka a deconstructed snowman! The bowls are really cute- they have a line of black dots on the inside, just like a snowman's buttons!
5. I know, it's an elk... but he's so awesome! I had to :)
Michael Miller's Fairy Frost is available in a lot of icy colors-

I'd love to make icicle bunting out of all of the colors and you can too! 
Click on this link for a free Icicle Bunting tutorial! 

Or, make an icy quilt for your favorite princess! Click on the quilt below for the free pattern.
*Quilt design by Heidi Pridemore

Have a wonderful weekend and don't forget to visit Jessica Inspired Boutique!

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I have to post just one more :) Love them!


Lindsey said...

Amazing! What colors did you use for the dresses?

kait said...

We used Fairy Frost in Cobalt and Luna for Anna's dress and Aqua and Zirconium for Elsa's dress.

milneskie said...

What patterns did you use for these lovely dresses?

Unknown said...

I used Fairy Frost in Luna for Elsa's dress. My daughter just loved it very much.