Friday, June 13, 2014

The Cozy Bear Blanket

It took me a while but I finally sat down and wrote the instructions for the Hooded Cozy Bear Blanket! I used MMF Cozy for one side and Satin on the other... and then little Miss O gave it a test drive. Her review- "So soft and cuddly!" 

Sewing with satin and poly-satin can be challenging- it slips all over the place! I've compiled a list of helpful sewing hints so you won't run into the same issues that I did!

Sewing With Satin:
1. Use a cotton pressing cloth & press the wrong side of the fabric with a dry iron.
2. Use sharp scissors, a sharp rotary blade or pinking shears when cutting fabric to lessen the fraying.
3. If you must mark the fabric, mark on the wrong side with chalk.
4. Use a new/sharp sewing machine needle (size 14 or 16)
5. Use sharp pins (many of them!) & try to pin in the seam allowance to avoid holes in the fabric that will show.
6. If the fabric is really slippery, hand baste into place before machine stitching.
7. Use a good quality thread and small machine stitching.
8. It's helpful to layer the satin under muslin & then cut the two fabrics together (this is the technique that I used for the Hooded Cozy Bear Blanket.)

Craftsy has some really great tips for sewing satin too! Click here for the link.

Simplicity has some excellent tips for sewing satin with a machine-  such as, using a single-hole throat plate so the fabric doesn't slip into the hole and jam up your machine. It might also help to use a flat presser foot so it will run smoothly over the satin.

If you'd like to make the hooded blanket, just click on the image below. And, when you're finished, send us pictures- we'd love to see what you create!
I used Cozy in Pink and Cynthia Rowley Satin Pin Dot in Petal to make the blanket above.
Need a silky satin Kimono Robe to go with the Cozy Blanket? Or maybe you'd like to treat yourself to a silky set of pj's? Don't forget to check out our other satin projects...
*We used Mod Swirls in Peach and Solid Satin in Orchid for the pj's. The pattern is McCall's M6848.

* The Kimono Robe used Tiny Guitar Picks in Gray and Solid Gray Poly Satin. The pattern is from Atelier Joy~ just click here.

Happy sewing and have a great weekend!


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Carla said...

That bear blanket is too cute.
Thanks for sharing