Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Sommer Easter Dress Challenge!

This challenge is brought to you by Sarah Jane!! 

With Sommer fabric hitting stores, and Easter just around the corner, I thought it would be so fun to have an Easter Dress Challenge! SOMMER is perfect for spring dresses, with all the florals, bunnies, birds and checks. And with us all sharing our creations, it will be even more fun! And of course, we must have a bit of friendly competition...3 lucky winners will win some amazing prizes! 
Dress Challenge Guidelines: 
1) Each dress needs to be made of exclusively SOMMER fabric and/or SOMMER gauze (swaddle fabric) and can (but doens't need to) incorporate Cotton Couture Solids (Michael Miller Solid Fabrics)
2) Deadline for submission is Thursday March 31st at 10 pm EST
3) Dress must be photographed in a way that we can see the whole dress. Multiple photos are just fine. (Hint: Good lighting and good, clean photography will show off your dress the best:) Dresses can be worn or on a hanger, but we must see the whole dress)
4) You must tag your dress with #sommerdresschallenge and post to instagram or facebook and also tag me at @sarahjanestudios and/or @sarahjanefabric to make sure that I receive it. If you don't have a social media account, you can email me at sarah@sarahjanestudios.com and I can upload your dress for you. If you have already posted dresses to social media and want them to be included, you must go back and tag them with these. 
5) These do NOT have to be easter Dresses! I'm just calling it that, because well, girls love new dresses at easter:) 
6) Judging will be based on dress design, use of fabric (you can use one print or more...it doesn't matter) clear presentation and overall quality. 
7) Multiple submissions are just fine.
Winners will be judged and announced on Friday April 1st. 
1) FIRST PLACE: An assortment of 5 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and a $75 gift card to Sarah Jane Studios Shop. It will also be featured on the Michael Miller Fabrics Blog.
2) SECOND PLACE: An assortment of 3 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and $50 to the Sarah Jane Studios Shop. 
3) THIRD PLACE: An assortment of 2 yards of SOMMER fabrics, double gauze and $25 to the Sarah Jane Shop. 
And for ALL other submissions: I will do my very best to feature your dress on my Instagram at @sarahjanefabric for all to see! 
Ok! Let's get going! Spread the word, and share the love. I can't wait to see your amazing creations! 

~Sarah Jane
(image from Nicole Hill Gerulat)

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