Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Fox Woods Fabric & Sweet Julia Boutique!


My name is Paola and I am a blogger at sweetjuliaboutique, my little space for creative talk. 

I just recently received the new Fox Woods Collection and I was beyond amazed! 

Since I am in the good ol' south, I always like to sew pieces that can vary as much as the weather here in the Lone Star State (While the East is enjoying a blizzard, we are at 70 degrees, crazy uh?).

I chose the Cottage Mama's patterns for this line as they are usually spot on for size and versatility.

I made very few modifications to fit the style I was going for and the results were amazing! 

I started with the Savannah Dress for the border print...
**Added Sash/Button Closure 

I continued on with the Charlotte Apron Dress (minus the apron)
I finished up with a modified Masie Skirt 

I added Layers, inspired by the ruffle dress from the Cottage Mama Book

I wanted to make sure to display many of the prints from this line, and they all go together effortlessly. All that is needed to switch temperatures for these outfits is a long sleeve shirt or turtle neck underneath and that's it, you have a wonderful wardrobe that can take you from warm to cold in a snap.

Thanks for letting me share the possibilities of the Fox Woods Collection!



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Unknown said...

Hi!! I love this dresses, beautiful work!!
Do you sell them or are just for inspiration??