Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Brand Ambassador Intro - Suze Vinton

We are beyond thrilled to share our next 2021 Brand Ambassador Suze Vinton. Her creativity shines in her beautiful designs. She is an amazing, passionate maker specializing in dresses, clothing and crafts. Read more about her below!

My name is Suze Vinton and crafting is life for me!

Little girls who grow up in Haiti learn how to sew, but it’s not fun sewing. Hemming pants and stitching tears is practical, but I definitely didn’t see it as my calling. Can you blame me?? 

So, I moved on with life and got a degree in pre-med in the United States. Some crazy American guy asked me to marry him and move to a frozen wasteland called ‘Utah’. How different could it be from Haiti or Miami, FL? Well, very different...cold...snowy...icy...and cold. But I made new friends who loved to create! It started with scrapbooking, moved to hair bows, then sewing dresses, then sewing more dresses, and finally sewing dresses. Okay, I’m kidding. I love to create anything that involves fabric. Dresses (did I mention that one?), shirts, pants, doll clothes, home decorations, etc. I love the beauty and expression from sewing. That has followed me through life since that time. 

I am currently in Tucson, AZ with another group of beautiful, creative friends. We have ventured heavily into crafts like tumblers, embroidery, team t-shirts (gymnastics community), medal holders, wreaths, and general home d├ęcor and also found a love for quilting. It is new adventure, and I’m loving it. 

My family also benefits from my creations. I have two sons and two daughters who have all been forced to model my creations. Not my husband yet though...hmm...I’ll get him eventually! Creating, and being inspired to create, bring warmth and excitement to my life. Please join me on this journey!

Here a few of my favorite makes and you can check www.instagram.com/beralusvintondesign and https://www.facebook.com/beralusvintondesign-106056387760557 for more. 

Here is my creative space and I actually build the cutting table last Spring and added my kids finger sprints to it. 
                                                                         Top of the table. 

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