Friday, July 19, 2013

Designer Spotlight Friday: Emily Herrick

Hey all! I'm super excited to be here on the Michael Miller blog sharing my newest fabric collection with you.

TECHNICOLOR was born from my love of color. The color inspiration and name for this collection come from a childhood memory. I loved watching The Wizard of Oz as a child. I remember the movie starting and as the opening credits rolled "In Amazing Technicolor" flashed on the screen. The movie begins in black and white film but after Dorothy lands in Munchkin Land everything is replaced with gorgeous color. My quilt market booth theme was based on this idea. Everything in my booth was black and white except for the TECHNICOLOR fabrics which added all the color.

The process of designing this collection began with my color choices first, then I added the designs.  I love the geometric print and fun patterns. This collection actually came together quite fast. Several of the prints were originally sketched out as coordinates to other potential collections. At some point I pulled them all together into one file, added the color, and it was like magic.

Ever since the fabric landed on my doorstep I've had so much fun playing with it. The collection can be divided into three different colorways or pulled all together with dazzling results. Something different I did with this collection is with the Crosshatch prints. There are 2 colorways on each bolt meaning the purchase of a 1/2 yard yields two different fat quarters. I love this! It gives you a little more bang for your buck and allows for more variety in a project without having to spend more money.

I've designed four original quilt patterns to go with this collection. All of them are available in my etsy shop, Crazy Old Ladies, in both paper and digital format.

And as a little thank you for coming to visit me here I've designed this fun little quilt for you! You can find the pattern here.

TECHNICOLOR can be found in local quilt shops and online. And if your local quilt shop doesn't carry it, don't forget to tell them they can order it from Michael Miller Fabrics :o)




Gill said...

Fabulous colours - I love the blues and greens!

Cecilia said...

Your fabrics are gorgeous! I love all of the colors and prints, especially the print you used on the seats in your booth. Thanks for the free pattern and I really like your Starstruck pattern. Thanks for sharing.

Catskill Quilter said...

Emily, I love the colors! Fabulous!

Lee said...

The crosshatch prints are great! Thanks for the quilt pattern!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Beautiful fabric and brilliant patterns Emily. Thanks for the free design too.