Friday, January 24, 2014

Glitz Blitz :: Melissa Q from a happy stitch!

Hello there! I'm Melissa Q. from a happy stitch.  I'm so excited to be visiting here!
I started noticing the Michael Miller Metallic "Glitz" Collection popping up in my Instagram feed and was instantly intrigued. Gold? Pastel? Are you kidding? The glitz looked amazing.  I was beyond thrilled when some of it landed in my mailbox.  Turns out, it's even more amazing in person.  I actually opened the package, screamed, left the room to avoid hyperventilating, returned to my sewing room and screamed again. That's the honest truth. 

I was conflicted about what to make for a while.  The fabric is so spectacular I needed to make the right thing.  

I don't have any girls but if I did I would have made a flouncy, over-the-top skirt for them to spin around in.  I also considered using the mint and gold fabric to make bow-ties for my two boys. Eventually, I decided they would never appreciate the Glitz quite like I do and I selfishly made myself a travel bag.  The pattern is from the Betz White 'Travel Bag' class on Creativebug. I used thrifted leather for the bottom of the bag.  The metallic and pastel paired so nicely with the neutral leather.  This fabric really shines all by itself, it doesn't need dramatic accompaniment so the leather was a great partner.  Now I just need a fabulous trip somewhere so I have an excuse to use my new bag!
Find more of my adventures and more information about my Glitz travel bag on my blog. Thanks for having me! 



Jill Dorsey || Made with Moxie said...

This is stunning!!!

Angela said...

The bag looks fantastic! I tried making a bag once, but it was in junior high home ec. class and we didn't have very many good fabric options to choose from.

Sarah said...

Where did you get your fabric?